Luke Georghiou#

Research interests#

Luke's research interests include evaluation of R&D and innovation policy, foresight, national and international science policy, and management of science and technology. Recent projects include several studies of industry-science relations, policy for international scientific co-operation, evaluation of foresight, public procurement for innovation and changes in public sector research institutions.


In the area of foresight his principal interests include tracking the emergence of foresight as a phenomenon and evaluating its impact upon policy. He has argued that foresight has developed through a series of ideal types characterised as 1st to 5th generations. Results of his most recent project are at


Work on evaluation of R&D and innovation dates back to the first OECD review of the topic in 1985 and the evaluation of the UK's Alvey Programme for Advanced Information Technology in the 1980s in which the team established many of the practices still used in current evaluations. He continues to work on the concept of behavioural additionality which he co-invented.

Innovation Policy and Management

Work on innovation policy has recently focused on demand-side actions, including the use of public procurement to stimulate innovation and measures to stimulate lead markets. This work has been carried out both at European level and in the UK in partnership with NESTA. He is currently working with Jakob Edler on their ESRC project Understanding Public Procurement of Innovation

Science Policy and Management

In science policy, current interests include the development of a friendly ecology for research in Europe, and specific topics including international cooperation in research, science in developing countries and science parks.

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