Reinhard Genzel - Selected Publications#

  • L. Weitzel, A. Krabbe, H. Kroker, N. Thatte, L. E. Tacconi-Garman, M. Cameron, and R. Genzel, “3D: the next generation near-infrared imaging spectrometer,” Astr. Ap. Suppl. 119, 531 (1996).
  • R. Genzel, D. Hollenbach, and C. H. Townes, “The nucleus of our galaxy,” Rep. Prog. Phys. 57, 417 (1994).
  • A. Eckart and R. Genzel, “Observations of stellar proper motions in the galactic centre,” Nature 383, 415 (1996).
  • R. Genzel, A. Eckart, T. Ott, and F. Eisenhauer, “On the nature of the dark mass in the centre of the Milky Way,” MNRAS 291, 219 (1997).
  • R. Genzel, D. Lutz, E. Sturm, E. Egami, D. Kunze, A. F. M. Moorwood, D. Rigopoulou, H. W. W. Spoon, A. Sternberg, L. E. Tacconi-Garman, L. Tacconi, and N. Thatte, “What powers ultraluminous IRAS galaxies?,” Ap. J. 498, 579 (1998).
  • L. J. Tacconi, R. Genzel, M. Tecza, and J. F. Gallimore, “Gas dynamics in the luminous merger NGC 6240,” Ap. J. 524, 732 (1999).
  • F. Eisenhauer, A. Quirrenbach, H. Zinnecker, and R. Genzel, “The stellar content of the galactic starburst template NGC 3603 from adaptive optics observations,” Ap. J. 498, 278 (1998).

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