George Fu Gao - Biography#

Gao’s contribution in science is not only for basic life/medical sciences but also for clinical-related preventive medical sciences and public health, which can be reflected from his “grand-slam” publications in 5 top-niche scientific journals, i.e., Nature, Science, Cell, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine. He is currently the director-general of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), where he leads the national program and international collaboration, esp. assisting the build-up of Africa CDC. During recent COVID-19 pandemic his team sequenced and isolated the novel coronavirus within a week and alerted the world very quickly. Under Gao’s leadership, China CDC has been providing all the technological supports and strategic planning/protocols for the successful control of the first wave in Wuhan and whole China. Gao is also a leading scientist/leader of the global health related research initiatives, such as FIND, GPMB and CEPI under World Health Organization (WHO), promoting the cost-effective diagnostic products, vaccines used in the developing countries, especially in the African countries. In his academic research field, Gao is a world-leading virologist/immunologist who has made some great contributions for the filed, esp. by using structural biology technology for pathogen and immunity studies. He has made numerous remarkable contributions to the related research: the origins and interspecies transmission mechanisms of avian influenza viruses, virus entry mechanisms, and T-cell molecular recognition.

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