Jean-Michel Ganteau - Selected Publications#

1. 2015. (Author of book) The Ethics and Aesthetics of Vulnerability in Contemporary British Fiction. Londres et New York: Routledge. Contemporary Literature Series. ISBN: 978-1-138-90372-2.

2. 2015. (Author of book chapter) "Vulnerable Visibilities: Peter Ackroyd’s Monstrous Victorian Metropolis". Neo-Victorian Cities: Reassessing Urban Politics and Poetics. Eds. Marie-Luise Kohlke et Christian Gutleben. Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2015, 151-174. ISBN: 9789004292345.

3. 2014. (Co-editor, with Susana Onega, co-author of Introduction and author of book chapter) Contemporary Trauma Narratives: Liminality and the Ethics of Form. Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature. London and New York: Routledge. 237 pp. ISBN13: 978-1-138-02449-6 (hbk). ISBN13: 978-1-315-77453-4 (ebk). Book chapter: "Vulnerable Form and Traumatic Vulnerability: John McGregor’s Even the Dogs", pp. 89-103.

4. 2013. (Co-editor, with Christine Reynier, co-author of introduction) Ethics of Alterity; Confrontation and Responsibility in 19th- to 21st-British Literature. Present Perfect series. Presses universitaires de la Méditerranée: Montpellier. ISBN 978-2-36781-020-1.

5. 2013. (Co-editor, with Susana Onega, co-author of introduction, and author of book chapter) Trauma and Romance in Contemporary British Literature. Routledge Studies in Contemporary Literature Series. Routledge: London and New York. 268 pp. ISBN: 978-0-415-66107-2 (hbk). ISBN: 978-0-203-07376-6 (ebk). Book chapter: "‘The past won’t fit into memory without something left over’: Pat Barker’s Another World, in between narrative Entropy and Vulnerability." pp. 17-33.

6. 2012. (Guest author of book chapter) “Non Serviam. Portraits of the Artist as A Young Performer.” Eds. Anette Pankratz and Barbara Puschmann-Nalenz. Portraits of the Artist as a Young Thing in British, Irish and Canadian Fiction after 1945. Heidelberg: Winter, 201, pp. 207-224. ISBN 978-3-8253-6059-7; ISSN 0344-8266.

7. 2012, (Author of book chapter) "La responsabilité comme travail de l’épreuve : Experience de Martin Amis. " Eds. Francoise Bort, Olivier Brossard et Wendy Ribeyrol. Figures de l’expérience dans la littérature anglophone. Paris: Michel Houdiard, 2012, pp. 136-47. ISBN 978-2-35692-071-3.

8. 2011. (Author of journal article) "The Logic of Affect: Romance as Ethics." Anglia: Zeitschrift für englische Philologie. Special Issue on Literature and Ethics. Vol 129, issue 1-2 (August): 79-92.Walter de Gruyter & Co.: Berlin, Boston, MA, Herndon, VA and Birmingham AL. ISSN 0340-5222; ISSN (Online) 1865-8938.

9. 2011. (Co-editor, with Susana Onega, co-author of Introduction, and author of book chapter), Ethics and Trauma in Contemporary British Fiction. DQR Studies in Literature 48. Rodopi: Amsterdam and New York. 330 pp. ISBN 978-90-420-3326-9. Book chapter: "Trauma as the Negation of Autonomy: Peter Ackroyd’s Mother London," pp. 109-130.

10. 2009/2010 (Guest author of journal article) ‘Peter Ackroyd’s English Music as Romance of Englishness: A Response to Susan Ang’s reading of Peter Ackroyd’s English Music" 19.1-3: 276-282. Waxmann: Münster/New York. ISSN 0939-5482.
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