Daniel Friedmann - Selected Publications#


Contracts Vol 1, 2 (Hebrew) (with N. Cohen) (2nd ed, Vol 1, 2018; Vol 2 in print 2020)

The Purse and the Sword (Oxford U Press, 2016)

The Law of Unjust Enrichment Vol 1-2 (Hebrew) (with E. Shapira Bar Or) (3rd ed, 2015-16)

To Kill and Take Possession (Hendrickson Publisher, 2002) (translated into Italian)

Books Edited

Human Rights in Private Law (Hart Publishing, Oxford, England, 2001, paperback 2003) (with D. Barak-Erez)


Does the Dead Contract Rule Restitution from its Grave? 92 Boston U. Law Rev. 811 (2012)

Economic Aspects of Damages and Specific Performance Compared, in Contract Damages 65 (2008)

Termination of Contract on the Ground of its Breach and the Contractual Risk Allocation, Festschrift für Andreas Heldrich (2005) 615

The Performance Interest in Contract Damages (1995) 111 Law Q. Rev. 628

The Efficient Breach Fallacy, 18 Jour.L.Studies 1 (1989)

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