Rūsiņš Freivalds - Major publications#

List of publications(info)

1. R. Freivalds, K. Iwama: Quantum queries on Permutations with a Promise, LNCS, V 5642, Springer,2009, 208-216

2. R. Freivalds: Non-constructive Methods for Finite Probabilistic Automata, International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, 2008, 565-580

3. R. Freivalds: Knot theory, Jones polynomial and quantum computing, LNCS, 3618 2005. 15-25

4. R. Freivalds, M. Karpinski, C. H. Smith, R. Wiehagen: Learning by the process of elimination,Information and computation, 2001, 37-50

5. R. Freivalds, S. Jain: Kolmogorov numberings and minimal identification, Theoretical Computer Science, 1998, 175-194

6. A. Ambainis, R. Freivalds: 1-way quantum finite automata: strengts, weaknesses and generalizations; Quantum archive quant-ph/9802062, 1998

7. R. Freivalds: Fast probabilistic algorithms. Proceedings of 8th MFCS Symposium, Olomouc, 1979

8. R. Freivalds: probabilistic two-way machines, Proceedings of 10th MFCS Symposium, 1981

9. R. Freivalds, C.H. Smith: On the role of precrastination for machine learning, Proceedings of 5th Annula workshop on Computational Learning Theory, Pittsburgh, 363-376

10. R. Freivalds E. B. Kinber, R. Wiehagen: , iOn the power of inductive inference from good examples, Theoretical computer Science, V 110, 131-141

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