Elvira Fortunato - Selected Publications#

10 top publications (citations@August 2017, SCOPUS) out of 411 in the last 10 years.

1. E. Fortunato, P. Barquinha, R. Martins, "Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors: A Review of Recent Advances," ADVANCED MATERIALS, 24, 2945-2986, 2012 (961).

2. E. Fortunato, P. M. C. Barquinha, A. Pimentel, A. M. F. Goncalves, A. J. S. Marques, L. M. N. Pereira, et al., "Fully transparent ZnO thin-film transistor produced at room temperature," ADVANCED MATERIALS, 17, 590-595, 2005 (711).

3. E. Fortunato, D. Ginley, H. Hosono, D. C. Paine, "Transparent conducting oxides for photovoltaics," MRS BULLETIN, 32, 242-247, 2007 (478).

4. S. Panigrahi, T. Calmeiro, R. Martins, D. Nunes, E. Fortunato, Observation of Space Charge Dynamics Inside an All Oxide Based Solar Cell. ACS Nano 2016, 10 (6), 6139-6146.

5. P.J. Wojcik, L. Santos, L. Pereira, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, “Tailoring nanoscale properties of tungsten oxide for inkjet printed electrochromic devices”, NANOSCALE, 7 (5) (2015), pp. 1696-1708.

6. M. Pavan, S. Ruhle, A. Ginsburg, D.A. Keller, H.N. Barad, P.M. Sberna, D. Nunes, R. Martins, A.Y. Anderson, A. Zaban, E. Fortunato, “TiO2/Cu2O all-oxide heterojunction solar cells produced by spray pyrolysis”, SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, 132 (2015), pp. 549-556.

7. R. Branquinho, D. Salgueiro, L. Santos, P. Barquinha, L. Pereira, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, Aqueous Combustion Synthesis of Aluminum Oxide Thin Films and Application as Gate Dielectric in GZTO Solution-Based TFTs. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014, 6 (22), 19592-19599.

8. L. Santos, D. Nunes, T. Calmeiro, R. Branquinho, D. Salgueiro, P. Barquinha, L. Pereira, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, Solvothermal Synthesis of Gallium-Indium-Zinc-Oxide Nanoparticles for Electrolyte-Gated Transistors. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2015, 7 (1), 638-646.

9. E. Carlos, R. Branquinho, A. Kiazadeh, P. Barquinha, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, UV-Mediated Photochemical Treatment for Low-Temperature Oxide-Based Thin-Film Transistors. ACS APPLIED MATERIALS AND INTERFACES 2016, 8 (45), 31100-31108. DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b06321

10. P. Barquinha, S. Pereira, L. Pereira, P. Wojcik, P. Grey, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, “Flexible and Transparent WO3 Transistor with Electrical and Optical Modulation”, ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 2015, DOI: 10.1002/aelm.201500030

According to Web of Science she has a total of 481 in refereed journals, with a total number of 11874 citations and h-index of 50.

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