Vladimir E. Fortov#

Vladimir E. Fortov
Email:fortov 'at' ficp.ac.ru
Membership Number:1778
Membership type:ORDINARY
Main Country of Residence:RUSSIA

Present and Previous Positions
  • 1991 - present Professor and Chair Director of High Energy Physics Chair in Moscow Institute of Science and Technology
  • 1976 Director of Extreme Matter Department in the Institute for High Temperature RAS, (1992 transformed to the Presidium of RAS)
  • 1976 Head of High Dynamic Pressure and Detonation lab, then the division director, in the Institute of Chemical Physics
  • 1978 Professors of Physics and Chemistry in the Russian Academy of Sciences

Fields of Scholarship
  • Physical properties of hot dense matter at megabar pressure range
  • Measurements of physical properties (equation of state, conductivity, opacity, stopping power, light reflectivity, plasma composition, et-cetera) of strongly coupled plasmas with strong interparticle interactions
  • Basic properties of matter under extreme conditions

Honours and Awards
  • 1997 L.P. Karpinsky Prize in Physics and Chemistry
  • 1999 P. Bridgeman Prize for Achievements in High Pressure Physics and Technology
  • 2002 Max-Plank Award for Physics
  • 2003 Alfven Prize of European Physical Society
  • 1991 Member of Rassian Academy of Sciences
  • Head of Power Engineering Division of RAS
  • 1998 Member of European Academy of Sciences
  • 2000 Member of the International Academy of Astronautics
  • 2000 Member of the Max Plank Society
  • 2001 Fellow of American Physical Society
  • 2002 Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering, USA
  • 2003 Foreign Fellow of the Royal Engineering Academy, England
  • 2004 Member of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, Sweden

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