Kjersti Fløttum - Selected Publications#

Research monographs (selection):

Fløttum, K.; Dahl, T.; Kinn, T. 2006. Academic Voices – across languages and disciplines. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Nølke, H.; Fløttum, K.; Norén, C. 2004. ScaPoLine. La théorie scandinave de la polyphonie linguistique. Paris: Kimé.

Research anthology (selection):

Fløttum, K. (Ed.) 2017. The role of language in the climate change debate. New York/London: Routledge.

Selection of papers 2014-2017:

Tvinnereim, E., Fløttum K., Gjerstad, Ø., Johannesson, M.P., Nordø, Å. D. 2017. Citizens' preferences for tackling climate change. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of their freely formulated solutions. Global Environmental Change 46, 34-41.

Fløttum, K., Gjerstad, Ø. 2016. Narratives in climate change discourse. WIREs Climate Change 8:e429. doi: 10.1002/wcc.429

Fløttum, K. 2016. Linguistic Analysis Approaches for Assessing Climate Change Communication. Oxford Encyclopedia of Climate Change Communication.Oxford: OUP. doi: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228620.013.488

Fløttum, K., Dahl, T., Rivenes, V. 2016. Young Norwegians and their views on climate change and the future: Findings from a climate concerned and oil rich nation. Journal of Youth Studies 19 (8), 1128-1143.

Fløttum, K., Gasper, D., StClair, Asun Lera. 2016. Synthesizing a Policy-Relevant Perspective from the Three IPCC “Worlds” – a comparison of topics and frames in the SPMs of the Fifth Assessment Report. Global Environmental Change (38), 118-129.

Tvinnereim, E., Fløttum, K. 2015. Explaining topical prevalence in open-ended survey questions on climate change. NATURE Climate Change 5,744–747. Doi:10.1038/nclimate2663.

Fløttum, K., Gjesdal, A.M., Gjerstad, Ø., Koteyko, N., & Salway, A. 2014. Representations of the future in English language blogs on climate change, Global Environmental Change 29, 213-222.

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