David Fitzpatrick - Curriculum Vitae#

  • 1969 B.A. (Hons.), University of Melbourne
  • 1974 Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Present position
  • Professor of Modern History and Senior Fellow, Trinity College, Dublin


6 books, 2 booklets, 5 edited collections, 37 contributions to collections, contributions to 6 encyclopedias, 21 articles in learned journals, 19 articles in local and minor journals, 9 review articles, 13 essays and articles already published elsewhere, reviews of about 110 works in over 30 journals, scripts for 2 series of radio programmes.


Conference papers, lectures, or seminars for numerous universities and societies in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Monaco, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Israel, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Current Research

Completion of a history of ‘Orangeism’ in Ireland, 1795–1995 (under contract with Cambridge UP); study of the Americanisation of post-Famine Ireland, combining demographic, literary, and political history.

External Commitments

(i) General editor, Irish Narratives (21 volumes, Cork UP, 1998–2003).
(ii) Associate editor, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, with responsibility for articles relating to twentieth-century southern Ireland1997–2006).
(iii) One of 4 organisers of the Irish Famine Network, commissioned by the Irish Government to carry out the National Famine Research Project (1995–8).
(iv) One of 3 initiators of the Visible Immigrants series of workshops on the history of Australian immigration, which has so far generated 7 volumes published in Canberra (1989–2012).
(vi) Founder of Trinity History Workshop (1986) and editor of 3 of its volumes of essays by undergraduates, graduates, and staff of the College.

Funding Agencies

I have acted as an assessor for various projects administered by the Australian Research Council, the Irish Research Council, and the Economic and Social Research Council (including assessment of all proposals for a major programme on Diasporas in 1997)

Readers' Reports

For 14 publishers, 14 international and various Irish journals.

Research Students

I have supervised numerous research students in modern Irish history, of whom 20 have received doctorates leading to publication of 10 books.
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