Ana Firmino - Selected Publications#

Poggi, F., Firmino, A., & Amado, M. (2018). Planning renewable energy in rural areas: Impacts on occupation and land use. Energy, 155, 630–640. [WOS], [Scopus ID]

Firmino, Ana (2018) CSA in Portugal – missing links within urban agriculture, in Connections and Missing Links within urban agriculture, food and food systems, Proceedings of the international scientific event, 26 – 27 April 2018, CICS.NOVA, FCSH, Lisbon, Portugal, p. 32-35, ISBN: 978-989-99782-4-9

Firmino, Ana (2018) Portugal 2080: A Desert in Europe? In: Carril, V et al (Eds.) Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain, p. 395-403,

Firmino, A. (2017) My Flower Has Only Four Thorns. Journal of Sustainable Rural Development, 1(1), 83-88.

Poggi, F., Firmino, A., Amado (2017) M., Assessing energy performances: A step toward energy efficiency at the municipal level, Sustainable Cities and Society 33, 57-69

Firmino, Ana (2015) Stones : Sustainable Landscapes and Functionalities, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vol. 10, 2015, nº 3, ISSN 1842-4090, p. 189-196

Firmino, Ana (2015) Learning and Tips for more Sustainable Urban Allotments in Portugal, in Localizing urban food strategies. Farming cities and performing rurality. 7th International AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Conference Proceedings, Torino, 7-9 October 2015, edited by Giuseppe Cinà and Egidio Dansero, Torin , Politecnico di Torino, ISBN 978-88-8202-060-6, pp. 414-426

Poggi, Francesca; Firmino, Ana; Amado, Miguel, (2015) Moving forward on Sustainable Energy Transitions: the Smart Rural Model, European Journal of Sustainable Development, 2015, 4, 2, ISSN: 2239-5938, pp. 43-50

Firmino, Ana (2014) Agriculture and Ecotourism in India’s Goa Province: A Taste of Spices, in Editor Lee Jolliffe, Spices and Tourism: Destinations and Attractions, Chapter 5, Channel View Publications, Bristol, Toronto, pp. 72-93

Firmino, Ana (2014) Food and Consumption: How a Meal can Change the World, in Editors: Mary Cawley, Ana Maria Bicalho, Lucette Laurens, The Sustainability of Rural Systems: global and local challenges and opportunities, Chapter 8, Publisher: Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway and CSRS of the International Geographical Union, ISBN No: 978-0-9574255-0-7, p. 84-93

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