Pasquale Femia - Curriculum Vitae#

  • 1981 Scientific Lyceum Diploma 60/60
  • 1986: Degree in Law 110/110 cum laude University of Salerno
  • 1990–1992 Doctoral Degree University of Naples Federico II

Academic Employment:
  • 1992–99: University of Molise, Campobasso Assistant Professor ("Ricercatore universitario")
  • 1999–2001: University of Sannio Benevento Associate Professor ("Professore II Fascia")
  • 2001–2004: University of Sannio Benevento Full Professor ("Professore I Fascia")
  • 2004–: Second University of Naples Full Professor

Professional appointments and memberships:
  • 1992- Professor at the Specialization School in Private Law, University of Camerino
  • 2015- President of the Campania Section of the Italian Society of Private Law Scholars (Sisdic) (elected)
  • 2015- Honorary member of the national Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Private Law Scholars (Sisdic)
  • 2003-2015 Member of the national Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Private Law Scholars (Sisdic) (elected twice in succession)
  • 2015- Editor in Chief of The Italian Law Journal (
  • 2015- Founder and Director of digital archive "FondoDiritto" (
  • 2011 - Member of the international research network PLT (Private Law Theory:
  • 2011-2013 Head of the Doctoral School "I problemi civilistici della persona" University of Sannio
  • 2005- Director of the book series "Il Diritto e l'Europa" (Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane)
  • 2005-2006 Principal investigator of the research group about constitutional interpretation (50th anniversary of italian Constitutional Court)

Awards and Grants:
  • 1990 Fellowship CNR (National Council for Research)
  • 1990-1992 Doctoral course in “I Problemi civilistici della persona” (University of Naples); first-ranked, with scholarship.
  • 2006 Chairperson of Local Unity in national research Programm (PRIN) - "Bargaining Theory and Interpretation Theory"
  • 2011 Invitation for a lecture at international colloquum on Legal theory and System theory on Fundamental Rights - University of Tilburg
  • 2011 Lecture at the internatonal colloquium “The public dimension of contract. Legal theories in dialogue” (Villa Vigoni - German-Italian Centre for European Excellence - november 2011)
  • 2014 Lecture at the international colloquium "Die Faelle der Gesellschaft" (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
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