Ulrike Felt - Publications#

A selection (2019-2014):

Bayer, Florian, Felt, Ulrike (2019) ‘Embracing the “atomic future” in post-World War II Austria’. Technology and Culture, 60 (1): 165-191

Penkler, Michael, Felder, Kay, and Felt, Ulrike (2019) ‘Challenging Diversity: Steering Effects of Buzzwords in Projectified Healthcare '. Science, Technology & Human Values, online-first.Felt,

Ulrike (2018). ‘Living a Real-world Experiment: Post-Fukushima Imaginaries and Spatial Practices of “Containing the Nuclear”’. In Ibo van de Poel, Lotte Asveld and Donna Mehos (eds.), Experimentation beyond the laboratory: new perspectives on technology in society (Ashgate).

Felt, Ulrike (2018). ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’. In Sarah Gibbon, Barbara Prainsack, Stephen Hilgartner and Janette Lamoreaux (eds.) Handbook of Genomics, Health and Society. (London/New York: Routledge).

Felt, Ulrike, Schumann, Simone, Schwarz-Plaschg, Claudia (2018). IMAGINE. A card-based discussion method. In Pranee Liamputtong (ed.) Innovative Research Methods in Health Social Sciences. (Singapore: Springer).

Felt, Ulrike, Fochler, Maximilian, Sigl, Lisa (2018) ‘IMAGINE RRI. A Card-based Method for Reflecting Responsibility in Life Science Research’, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 5/2: 201-224.

Felt, Ulrike et al. (eds) (2017) Handbook for Science and Technology Studies (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press)

Felt, Ulrike (2017) "“Response-able” practices or “new bureaucracies of virtue”: The challenges of making RRI work in academic environments." In L. Asveld, M.E.C. van Dam-Mieras, T. Swierstra, S.A.C.M. Lavrijssen, C.A. Linse and J. van den Hoven (eds.) Responsible Innovation 3: A European Agenda? (Chem: Springer).

Felt, Ulrike (2017) ‘Of timescapes and knowledgescapes: Re-timing Research and Higher Education’. In Peter Scott, Jim Gallacher, and Gareth Parry (eds), New Landscapes and Languages of Higher Education, (Oxford: Oxford University Press): 129-148.

Felt, Ulrike, Felder, Kay, Penkler, Michael (2017) ‘How differences matter: Tracing diversity practices in obesity treatment and health promotion’. Sociology of Health and Illness, 39 (1): 127-142.

Felt, Ulrike, Igelsböck, Judith, Schikowitz, Andrea, Völker, Thomas (2016) 'Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research in Practice. Between imaginaries of collective experimentation and entrenched academic value orders". Science, Technology and Human Values 41/4: 732-761.

Felt, Ulrike (2016). 'The temporal choreographies of participation. Thinking innovation and society from a time-sensitive perspective'. In Chilvers, Jason, and Kearnes, Matthew (eds), Remaking Participation: Science, Environment and Emergent Publics. (London/New York: Routledge): 178-198.

Felt, Ulrike (2015) 'Sociotechnical imaginaries of "the internet", digital health information and the making of citizen-patients'. In Hilgartner, Stephen, Miller, Clark, and Hagendijk, Rob (eds), Science and Democracy: Making Knowledge and Making Power in the Biosciences and Beyond (London/New York: Routledge): 176-197.

Felt, Ulrike (2015) 'Keeping Technologies Out: Sociotechnical imaginaries and the formation of Austria's technopolitical identity'. In Sheila Jasanoff and Sang-Hyun Kim (Eds) Dreamscapes of Modernity: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and the Fabrication of Power. (Chicago: Chicago University Press): 103-125.

Felt, Ulrike (2014) 'Within, Across and Beyond – Reconsidering the Role of Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe', Science as Culture 23 (3): 384-396.

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