László Fésüs - Selected Publications#

  • Fésüs L and Laki K. (1977) Two antigenic sites of tissue ransglutaminase. Biochemistry 16, 4061-4066 (1977)
  • Fésüs, L., Thomázy, V. and Falus, A. Induction and activation of tissue transglutaminase during programmed cell death. FEBS Letters 224, 104 -108 (1987); more than 500 citations
  • Fésüs, L. and Piacentini, M. Transglutaminase 2: an enigmatic enzyme with diverse functions. Trend in Biochemical Sciences 27, 534-549 (2002)
  • Szondy, Zs., Sarang, Zs., Molnár, P., Németh, T., Piacentini, M.,....P.J., Melino, G. and Fésüs, L. TGASE2-/- mice reveal a crosstalk between apoptotic cells and macrophages during the apopto-phagocytotic program. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100, 7812-7817 (2003)
  • Nemes, Z., Devreese, B., Steinert, P.M., vanBeeumen, J. and Fésüs, L. Identification of ε(γ-glutamyl)lysine cross-links in intra-neuronal inclusions of human brain specimen. Nemes, Z., Devreese, B., Steinert, P.M., vanBeeumen, J. and Fésüs, L. FASEB J. 18, 1135-1175 (2004)
  • Balajthy, Z., Csomós, K., Vámosi, G., Szántó, A., Lanotte, M., Fésüs, L.: Tissue-transglutaminase contributes to neutrophil granulocyte differentiation and functions. Blood 108, 2045-2054 (2006)
  • Nemes, Z., Petrovski, G., Aerts, M., Sergeant, K., Devreese, B., Fésüs, L.: Transglutaminase-mediated intramolecular cross-linking of membrane-bound alpha-synuclein promotes amyloid formation in Lewy bodies. J Biol. Chem 284 (40), 27252-27264 (2009)
  • Petrovski G., Ayna G., Májai G., Hodrea J., Benkő S., Mádi A., and Fésüs, L. Phagocytosis of cells dying through autophagy induces inflammasome activation and IL-1β release in human macrophages. Autophagy 7, 1-7 (2011)
  • Simon-Vecsei Z, Király R, Bagossi P, Tóth B, Dahlbom I, Caja S, Csosz É, Lindfors K, Sblattero D, Nemes É, Mäki M, Fésüs L, Korponay-Szabó IR. A single conformational transglutaminase 2 epitope contributed by three domains is critical for celiac antibody binding and effects. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109, 431-436 (2012)
  • Kanchan, K., Ergülen, E., Király, R., Simon-Vecsei, Z., Fuxreiter, M., Fésüs, L.: Identification of a specific one amino acid change in recombinant human transglutaminase 2 that regulates its activity and calcium sensitivity. Biochem. J 455, 261-272 (2013).
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