Pavel Exner - Curriculum vitae#

I was born 1946 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1969, I graduated in theoretical physics from the Charles University in Prague; there I got also my doctoral degree in 1970. Later I obtained the degrees of candidate (1983) and doctor (1990) of sciences, both at JINR, Dubna, and later venia legendi (1991) and the full-professor title (2003) from the Charles University again.

From 1970, I worked in Department of Theoretical Physics as an assistant professor, later as a research associate in the Nuclear Centre of the Charles University. In 1978 I came to Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR (Dubna, then USSR), where I worked a research fellow. In 1986, I was appointed as a head of the department of mathematical physics in LTP. After the return from the USSR in 1990, I got a full-professor-level position in Nuclear Physics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences; I also teach undergraduate and doctoral courses at the Charles University. I am a found- ing member (1993) of the Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague, and I became its Scientific Director when it was transformed in 2006 into a Centre of Basic Research.

I am a member of several professional societies, serving as an o±cer of the European Mathematical Society (executive committee 2003-2004, vice-president 2005-2010), IUPAP commission for mathematical physics (secretary 2002-2005, chairman 2005-2008), and International Association for Mathematical Physics (secretary 2006-2008, president 2009-2011). From July 2005 I am a member of the founding Scientific Council of the European Research Council, since 2010 I am a member of Academia Europaea. I am also on Editorial Boards of J. Phys. A: Math. Gen., J. Math. Phys., and Adv. Math. Phys.

For a long time I had indirect contacts with colleagues abroad only; when the obstacles were removed gradually, I spent some time as a visiting professor at universities and research centres in the Western Europe, U.S.A. and Japan; in particular, about two years in Centre de Physique Theorique, C.N.R.S. Marseille, and several months in Institut für Mathematik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, and E. Schrödinger Institute in Vienna. I took part in organization of nine conferences on problems of mathematical physics within the QMath series, which I cofounded together with P. Seba, and several smaller meetings. My scientific interests concern in the first place mathematical problems and methods of quantum theory, in particular, unstable systems, scattering theory, functional integration and quantum mechanics on graphs, surfaces, quantum waveguides etc. I have written more than 180 research papers on these subjects, and also a monograph on open quantum systems and Feynman integrals and a textbook, coauthored by J.Blank and M.Havlicek, on Hilbert-space operators in quantum physics.

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