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Esthétique et épistémologie d'un parcours vital. Les journaux de route d'Alexandre de Humboldt par Ottmar Ette. Der Vortrag auf Dailymotion

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Die Museumsinsel - Europa und die Welt als Archipel? Cécile Wajsbrot im Gespräch mit Ottmar Ette. Das Gespräch auf Vimeo

RBB-Stilbruch: Ottmar Ette über den Ankauf von Humboldts Tagebüchern und das Potsdamer Forschungsprojekt. Das Interview enstand im Rahmen des RBB-Magazins Stilbruch und wurde am 06.03.2014 im RBB-Fernsehen ausgestrahlt. Ausschnitt des Magazins HIER

Interview with Ottmar Ette about his concept TransArea Studies. See video here (in german with english subtitles)

Interview with Ottmar Ette about his concept TransArea Studies. See video here (only in german)

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Ottmar Ette´s favourite places in Berlin.

See video in English, Spanishor German.

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Invited to "Planet Wissen" scientific television program, Ottmar Ette talks about Alexander von Humboldt as the first Globalization thinker. Humboldt thought knowledge principles should not converge only in Europe but worldwide.

See video here - in german.

Video Lectures

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Topic: ''TransTropics. Alexander von Humboldt and the hemispheric constructions''

Lecture by Ottmar Ette, recorded at the University of Potsdam, Germany on the 15th of January 2009. In his lecture, Ette reflects on Humboldt's American and Russian travels, Science in the Field and TransArea Studies.

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Topic: ''National Philologies, Globalization and TransArea Studies''

This lecture was held by Ottmar Ette at the Institut for Aestetiske Fag at the Aarhus Universitet in Denmark on the 14th of December 2007. In his lecture, Ette discusses new paradigms for understanding philology and literature in the context of different periods of accelerated globalization.

  • Anecdotes / Personal Narrative:

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INTERVIEW:Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries (470 KB, PDF)

An Interview with Ottmar Ette By Anja Becker and Robert Kelz (both Vanderbilt University).

-Extract- Robert Kelz: Many view the humanities as being in a time of crisis, in decline. In your talks, in your books, you have indicated that there is an important role that the humanities have to play in contemporary intellectual discourse. This role seems connected to the idea of transdisciplinarity. Could you elaborate on this?

Ottmar Ette: The humanities should be much more vocal in articulating their importance to our societies, not in an aggressive way, really, but in an optimistic way. The main problems we are facing in the 21st century are problems that deal with cultural dimensions. One of those urgent problems is how to live together in peace and in difference at the same time. We cannot find solutions to this problem in the natural sciences. The humanities today are not always well enough prepared to respond to this need. Sometimes, political crises, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, prompted the creation of, say, Centers for Latin American Studies on large scale, a sort of response to the Cuban Revolution. Today, in Germany, and in other regions as well, Centers for Arabic studies and Centers for Islamic studies are a similar sort of response to the difficulties we face globally with respect to how people live together, live between different ideologies, between different religions, between different kinds of cultural constructions. It is a good thing to build up interdisciplinary centers for the study of Latin America, the Arab world, and other topics, but we have to re--think how we structure the knowledge that circulates within the humanities in terms of these difficulties, in terms of what I call «Zusammenlebenswissen», the knowledge of how to live together. (...)

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INTERVIEW: Romance studies are a lifestye - An interview with Ottmar Ette, published in ''Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten'' (PNN), 09/14/2007. GERMAN

(„Romanistik ist ein Lebensstil“. Ein Interview mit Ottmar Ette erschienen in den Potsdamer Neuesten Nachrichten (PNN), 14.09.2007.)

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INTERVIEW: Knowledge for survival. An interview with Ottmar Ette. (97 KB, PDF) GERMAN

Published in der blaue Reiter - Journal für Philosophie, 1/2006.

(Überlebenswissen. Ein Interview mit Ottmar Ette. Erschienen der blaue Reiter - Journal für Philosophie, Ausgabe 1/2006.)

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ESSAY: Willkommen im Aufbruch. (100 KB, PDF) erschienen im Jahrbuch 2004/2005 des Wissenschaftskollegs zu Berlin.

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