Victoria Escandell-Vidal - Selected Publications#

2022 Elena VILINBAKOHVA, Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL & Natalia ZHEVAKINA: Tautologies, inferential processes and constraints on evoked knowledge. Journal of Pragmatics 191:55-66.

2021. Manuel LEONETTI & Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL (eds.). La estructura informativa. Madrid: Visor Libros (474 pp.) ISBN 978-84-9895-641-2. Authored chapter: M. Leonetti y V. Escandell-Vidal: “La estructura informativa. Preguntas frecuentes”. pp, 15-181.

2021 Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: "The semantics of the simple future in Romance: Core meaning and parametric variation". In Laura Baranzini & Louis de Saussure (eds.): Aspects of Tenses, Modality, and Evidentiality. Cahiers Chronos 31: 9-31.

2020. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL, José AMENÓS PONS & Aoife Kathleen AHERN (eds.): Pragmática. Madrid: Akal (832 pp.) ISBN 978-84-460-4871-8. Authored chapter: Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Léxico, gramática y procesos cognitivos en la comunicación lingüística”, pp. 39-59.

2018. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL & Elena VILINBAKHOVA (2018). “Coordinated tautologies in Spanish and Russian”. Intercultural Pragmatics 15/2: 315-348.

2018. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Evidential commitment and feature mismatch in Spanish _estar_ constructions”. Journal of Pragmatics 128: 102-115.

2017. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Intonation and Evidentiality in Spanish Polar Interrogatives”. Language and Speech 60/2 (Special Section “Intonational constraints on pragmatic inference”, edited by Pilar PRIETO & Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL): 224-241.

2014. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Evidential futures. The Case of Spanish”. In Philippe de BRABANTER, Mikhail KISSINE & Saghie SHARIFZADEHET (eds.): Future Tense(s)/Future Time(s). Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 219–246.

2011. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL, Manuel LEONETTI & Aoife K. AHERN (eds): Procedural Meaning. Problems and Perspectives. Bingley: Brill. ISBN: 978-08-57-24093-4. Authored chapter: Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL & Manuel LEONETTI: “On the rigidity of procedural meaning”, pp. 81-102.

2009. Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Differential object marking and topicality: the case of Balearic Catalan”. Studies in Language 33/4: 832-885.

2009. Manuel LEONETTI & Victoria ESCANDELL-VIDAL: “Fronting and verum focus in Spanish”. In Andreas DUFTER & Daniel JACOB (eds.). Focus and background in Romance languages. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 155-204.

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