Anne Ephrussi - Major publications#

Ephrussi, A. and Lehmann, R. (1992). Induction of germ cell formation by oskar. Nature 358, 387-392.

Erdélyi, M., Michon, A-M., Guichet, A., Bogucka Glotzer, J., and Ephrussi, A. (1995). A requirement for Drosophila cytoplasmic tropomyosin in oskar mRNA localization. Nature 377, 524-527.

Gunkel, N., Yano, T., Markussen, F.-H., Olsen, L.C., and Ephrussi, A. (1998). Localization-dependent translation requires a functional interaction between the 5'and 3' ends of oskar mRNA Genes & Development 12, 1652-1664.

Castagnetti, S., Hentze, M.W., Ephrussi, A. and Gebauer, F. (2000). Control of oskar mRNA translation by Bruno in a novel cell-free system from Drosophila ovaries. Development 127, 1063-1068.

Tomancak, P., Piano, F., Riechmann,V., Gunsalus, K.C., Kemphues, K,J. and Ephrussi, A. (2000). A Drosophila melanogaster homologue of Caenorhabditis elegans par-1 acts at an early step in embryonic-axis formation. Nature Cell Biol. 2, 458-460.

Riechmann, V., Gutierrez, J.G., Filardo, P., Nebreda, A.R. and Ephrussi, A. (2002). Par-1 regulates stability of the posterior determinant Oskar by phosphorylation. Nature Cell Biology 5, 337-342.

Hachet O. and Ephrussi A. (2004). Splicing of oskar RNA in the nucleus is coupled to its cytoplasmic localization. Nature 28, 959-963.

Chekulaeva, M., Hentze, M.W. and Ephrussi A. (2006). Bruno Acts as a Dual Repressor of oskar Translation, Promoting mRNA Oligomerization and Formation of Silencing Particles. Cell 124, 52l-533.

Martin, K.C. and Ephrussi, A. (2009). mRNA localization: gene expression in the spatial dimension. Cell 136, 719-730.

Trucco, A., Gaspar, l. and Ephrussi, A. (2009). Assembly of endogenous oskar mRNA particles for motor-dependent transport in the Drosophila oocyte. Cell 139, 983-998.
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