Heinz Engl - Publications#

Some 160 publications including publication and editorship of ten books and six patents, 6700 citations, h= 29 (Harzing P&P, April 2013)

Some recent journal publications:

(with H. Egger, M. Klibanov), Global uniqueness and Hölder stability for recovering a nonlinear source term in a parabolic equation, Inverse Problems 21 (2005), 271-290

(with A. Hofinger, S. Kindermann), Convergence rates in the Prokhorov metric for assessing uncertainty in ill-posed problems, Inverse Problems 21 (2005), 399-412

(with H. Egger), Tikhonov regularization applied to the inverse problem of option pricing: convergence analysis and rates, Inverse Problems 21 (2005), 1027-1045

(with P. Fusek, S. Pereverzev) Natural linearization for the identification of nonlinear heat transfer laws, Journal of Inv. and Ill-Posed Problems 13 (2005), 567-582

(with J. Lu, P. Schuster) Inverse bifurcation analysis: application to simple gene systems, Algorithms for Molecular Biology, Vol. 1:11 (2006)

(with M. Burger, R. Eisenberg) Inverse problems related to ion channel selectivity, SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 67 (2007), 960-989

(with S. Kindermann, P. Mayer, H. Albrecher) Identification of the local speed function in a Levy model for option pricing, Journal of Integral Equations and Applications 20 (2008), 161-200

(with V. Capasso, S. Kindermann) Parameter Identification in a random environment exemplified by a multiscale model for crystal growth, SIAM Multiscale Modelling and Simulation 7 (2008), 814-841

(with C.B. Drab, J.R. Haslinger, G. Offner, R.U. Pfau, W. Zulehner) Dynamic Simulation of Crankshaft Multibody Systems, Multibody System Dynamics 22 (2009), 133-144

(with C. Flamm, P. Kügler, J. Lu, S. Müller, P. Schuster) Inverse Problems in Systems Biology, Inverse Problems 25 (2009), 1-51
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