Jan Ellenberg - Selected Publications#

1) Otsuka S, Bui KH, Schorb M, Hossain MJ, Politi AZ, Koch B, Eltsov M, Beck M, Ellenberg J. 2016. Nuclear pore assembly proceeds by an inside-out extrusion of the nuclear envelope. ELife 19071.

2) Strnad P, Gunther S, Reichmann J, Krzic U, Balazs B, de Medeiros G, Norlin N, Hiiragi T, Hufnagel L, Ellenberg J. 2015. Inverted light-sheet microscope for imaging mouse pre-implantation development. Nature Methods 13:139-42.

3) Wachsmuth M, Conrad C, Bulkescher J, Koch B, Mahen R, Pepperkok R and Ellenberg J. 2015. High-throughput fluorescence correlation spectroscopy enables proteomics analyses in living cells. Nature Biotechnology 33:384-389.

4) Szymborska A, de Marco A, Cordes VC, Briggs JAG and Ellenberg J. 2013. Structural organization of the nuclear pore scaffold revealed by superresolution microscopy and particle averaging. Science 341:655-8.

5) Tomoya S. Kitajima, Miho Ohsugi and Jan Ellenberg. 2011. Complete Kinetochore Tracking Reveals Error-Prone Homologous Chromosome Biorientation in Mammalian Oocytes. Cell 146:568-581.

6) Neumann B., T. Walter, J.-K. Heriche, J. Bulkescher, H. Erfle, C. Conrad, P. Rogers, I. Poser, M. Held, U. Liebel, C. Cetin, F. Sieckmann, G. Pau, R. Kabbe, A. Wünsche, V. Satagopam, M. H. A. Schmitz, D. W. Gerlich, R. Schneider, R. Eils, W. Huber, J.-M. Peters, A. A. Hyman, R. Durbin, R. Pepperkok and J. Ellenberg. 2010. Phenotypic profiling of the human genome by time-lapse microscopy reveals cell division genes. Nature. 464: 721-7.

7) Bancaud, A., S. Huet, N. Daigle, J. Mozziconacci, J. Beaudouin, and J. Ellenberg. 2009. Molecular crowding affects diffusion and binding of nuclear proteins in heterochromatin and reveals the fractal organization of chromatin. EMBO J. 28:3785-98.

8) Schuh M. and J. Ellenberg. 2007. Self-organization of MTOCs replaces centrosome function during acentrosomal spindle assembly in live mouse oocytes. Cell.130:484-98.

9) Lenart, P., C.P. Bacher, N. Daigle, A.R. Hand, R. Eils, M. Terasaki, and J. Ellenberg. 2005. A contractile nuclear actin network drives chromosome congression in oocytes. Nature. 436:812-8.

10) Beaudouin, J., D. Gerlich, N. Daigle, R. Eils, and J. Ellenberg. 2002. Nuclear envelope breakdown proceeds by microtubule-induced tearing of the lamina. Cell. 108:83-96.

ORCID: 0000-0001-5909-701X
>130 publications (13 in Nature, Science, Cell)
>10 000 times cited (w/o self citations)
>90 average citations per publication
> h-index: 57 (Web of Science); 68 (Google Scholar)

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