Yonina Eldar - Publications#

Publications: 390 journal papers, 550 conference papers, 8 books + 2 in press, 22 book chapters.
Citations: 46,000 (Google Scholar). H-index: 97. I-index: 468. Patents: 30.

10 most cited works:

1. Y. C. Eldar and G. Kutyniok, "Compressed sensing: theory and applications", Cambridge University Press, November 2012. Citations: 2757.

2. Y. C. Eldar, P. Kuppinger and H. Bolcskei, "Block-Sparse Signals: Uncertainty Relations and Efficient Recovery", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 58, pp. 3042-3054, June 2010. Citations: 1438.

3. M. Mishali and Y. C. Eldar, "From Theory to Practice: Sub-Nyquist sampling of Sparse Wideband Analog Signals", IEEE Journal Selected Topics in Signal Proc., vol. 4, pp. 375-391, April 2010. Citations: 1375. Best paper award.

4. M. F. Duarte, and Y. C. Eldar, "Structured Compressed Sensing: From Theory to Applications", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 59, issue 9, pp. 4053-4085, Sept. 2011. Citations: 1132. Best paper award.

5. Y. C. Eldar and M. Mishali, "Robust Recovery of Signals From a Structured Union of Subspaces", IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, vol. 55, no. 11, pp.5302-5316, Nov. 2009. Citations: 1130.

6. E. J. Candes, Y. C. Eldar, T. Strohmer and V. Voroninski, "Phase Retrieval via Matrix Completion", SIAM Review, vol. 57, issue 2, pp. 225-251, May 2015. Citations: 1080. Best paper award.

7. E. Candes, Y.C. Eldar, D. Needell and P. Randall, "Compressed Sensing with Coherent and Redundant Dictionaries", Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis, vol. 31, pp. 59-73, July 2011. Citations: 1006.

8. A. Wiesel, Y. C. Eldar and S. Shamai, "Linear Precoding Via Conic Programming for Fixed MIMO Receivers", IEEE Trans. Signal Proc., pp. 161-176, Jan. 2006. Citations: 1000. Best paper award.

9. Y. Shechtman, Y. C. Eldar, O. Cohen, H. N. Chapman, J. Miao, M. Segev, "Phase Retrieval with Application to Optical Imaging: A Contemporary Overview", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, vol. 32, pp. 87-109, May 2015. Citations: 986.

10. M. Mishali and Y. C. Eldar, "Blind Multi-Band Signal Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing for Analog Signals", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 57, pp. 993-1009, March 2009. Citations: 950.

Most-cited works from last 2 years:

V Monga, Y Li, YC Eldar, "Algorithm unrolling: Interpretable, efficient deep learning for signal and image processing", IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 38 (2), 18-44, 2021. Citations: 446.

F Liu, Y Cui, C Masouros, J Xu, TX Han, YC Eldar, S Buzzi, "Integrated sensing and communications: Towards dual-functional wireless networks for 6G and beyond", IEEE journal on selected areas in communications, 2022. Citations: 190.

X Liu, T Huang, N Shlezinger, Y Liu, J Zhou, YC Eldar, "Joint transmit beamforming for multiuser MIMO communications and MIMO radar", IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 68, 3929-3944, 2020. Citations: 176.

D Ma, N Shlezinger, T Huang, Y Liu, YC Eldar, "Joint radar-communication strategies for autonomous vehicles: Combining two key automotive technologies", IEEE signal processing magazine 37 (4), 85-97, 2020. Citations: 174.

N Shlezinger, GC Alexandropoulos, MF Imani, YC Eldar, DR Smith, "Dynamic metasurface antennas for 6G extreme massive MIMO communications", IEEE Wireless Communications 28 (2), 106-113, 2021. Citations: 117.

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