Thomas Elbert - Publications#

PubMed and Web of Science list more than 400 entries each (8 in Nature and Science); (ISI): >50 publications with more than 100 citations, h-index: ISI > 100, google scholar >125; >60,000 citations; 10 books; >25 young scientists won awards for work from the lab.

10 recent publications:

1. Elbert T, Schauer M, Moran JK (2018). Two pedals drive the bi-cycle of violence: reactive and appetitive aggression. Current Opinion in Psychology, 19, 135–138.1.

2. Elbert T, Schauer M (2021). Menschliche Aggressions- und Tötungsbereitschaft - Entstehung, Folgen und Behandlung. Psychotherapie aktuell, 13, 2, 43-49.

3. Köbach A, Ruf-Leuscher M, Elbert T (2018). Psychopathological Sequelae of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and its Neuroendocrinological Associations. BMC Psychiatry 18:187

4. Orang T, Ayoughi S, Moran JK, Ghaffari H, Mostafavi S, Rasoulian M, Elbert T (2018). The Efficacy of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) in a Sample of Iranian Women Exposed to Ongoing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) -A Randomized Controlled Trial. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 25, 827-841. 10.1002/cpp.2318

5. Park J, Park J, Elbert T, Kim SJ (2020). Effects of Narrative Exposure Therapy on PTSD, depression and insomnia in traumatized North Korean refugee youth. J. Traumatic Stress, 33, 353-359.

6. Robjant K, Köbach A, Schmitt S, Chibashimba A,, Carleial S, Elbert T (2019). The treatment of posttraumatic stress symptoms and aggression in female former child soldiers using adapted Narrative Exposure therapy – a RCT in eastern democratic republic of Congo. Behaviour Research and Therapy

7. Robjant K, Schmitt S, Carleial S, Elbert T, Abreu L, Chibashimba A, Hinkel H, Hoeffler A, Rukundo Zeller A, Rockstroh B, Koebach A (2022). NETfacts - an integrated intervention at the individual and collective level to treat communities affected by organized violence. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 119 (44) e2204698119

8. Serpeloni F, Nätt D, Assis S, Wieling E, Elbert T (2020). Experiencing community and domestic violence is associated with epigenetic changes in DNA methylation of BDNF and CLPX in adolescents. Psychophysiology, 57(1) e13382

9. Vukojevic V, Coynel D, Ghaffari NR, Freytag V, Elbert T, Kolassa IT, Wilker S, McGaugh JL, Papassotiropoulos A, de Quervain DJF (2020). NTRK2 Methylation is related to PTSD risk and symptoms in two independent African cohorts of trauma survivors. Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA, 117 (35), 21667-21672.

10. Xulu KR, Womersley, JS, Sommer J, Hinsberger M, Elbert T, Weierstall R, Kaminer D, Malan-Müller S, Seedat S, Hemmings SMJ (2021). DNA methylation and psychotherapy response in trauma-exposed men with appetitive aggression. Psychiatry Research, 295, 113608.

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