Marie Edmonds - Publications#

No. of publications: 119
No. of citations: 5061
H-factor: 43 (GoogleScholar)

Some major publications (ordered in reverse chronological order):

E. Mason, M. Edmonds, and A. V. Turchyn. Remobilization of crustal carbon may dominate volcanic arc emissions. Science, 357(6348):290–294, 2017.
88 citations.

Innovative contribution to constrain carbon budget

McCormick Kilbride, Brendan, Edmonds, Marie, and J. Biggs. Observing eruptions of gas-rich compressible magmas from space. Nature Communications, 7(1):1–8, 2016.
41 Citations

Provide a new method to quantify magma properties in Earth's crust

P. Wallace, M. Edmonds, T. Plank, E. Hauri, Volatiles in Magmas. Encyclopaedia of Volcanoes, Second Edition, 2015.
176 citations

Critical review for the geoscience community

T. Christopher, J. Blundy, K. Cashman, P. Cole, Edmonds, Marie, P. Smith, R. Sparks, and A. Stinton. Crustal-scale degassing due to magma system destabilization and magma-gas decoupling at Soufri`ere Hills Volcano, Montserrat. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16(9):2797–2811, 2015
81 citations

Provides a novel assessment of magma interaction with volatiles in Earth's crust

M.E. Hartley, J. Maclennan, M. Edmonds, and T. Thordarson. Reconstructing the deep CO2 degassing behaviour of large basaltic fissure eruptions. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 393:120–131, 2014.
125 Citations

Quantify CO2 released by basaltic eruptions (the most common type of volcanism on Earth

M. Edmonds, R. A. Herd. A volcanic degassing event at the explosive-effusive transition. Geophysical Research Letters, 34(21), 2007
65 Citations

This provided the first robust dataset demonstrating the leading role of gas and magma permeability on volcanic activity (effusive vs explosive)

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