Gerard Eberl - Selected Publications#

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Z. Al Nabhani, S. Dulauroy, R. Marques, C. Cousu, S. Al Bounny, F. Dejardin, T. Sparwasser, M. Bérard, N. Cerf-Bensussan and G. Eberl. 2019. A weaning reaction to microbiota is required for resistance to immunopathologies in the adult. Immunity, in press.

G. Eberl. 2016. Immunity by Equilibrium. Nat. Rev. Immunol., 16:524-532.

C. Ohnmacht, J.H. Park, S. Cording, J.B. Wing, K. Atarashi, Y. Obata, V. Gaboriau-Routhiau, R. Marques, S. Dulauroy, M. Fedoseeva, M. Busslinger, N. Cerf-Bensussan, I.G. Boneca, D. Voehringer, K. Hase, K. Honda, S. Sakaguchi and G. Eberl. 2015. The microbiota regulates type 2 immunity through RORgt+ T cells. Science, 349:989-993.

G. Eberl, M. Colonna, J.P. Di Santo and A.N.J. McKenzie. 2015. Innate lymphoid cells: a new paradigm in immunology. Science, 348:aaa6566.

M.R. Hepworth, L.A. Monticelli, T.C. Fung, C.G. Ziegler, S. Grunberg, R. Sinha, A.R. Mantegazza, H.L. Ma, A. Crawford, J.M. Angelosanto, E.J. Wherry, P.A. Koni, F.D. Bushman, C.O. Elson, G. Eberl, D. Artis and G.F. Sonnenberg. 2013. Innate lymphoid cells regulate CD4+ T-cell responses to intestinal commensal bacteria. Nature, 498:113-117.

S. Dulauroy, S.E. Di Carlo, F. Langa, G. Eberl and L. Peduto. 2012. Lineage tracing and genetic ablation of ADAM12+ perivascular cells identify a major source of pro-fibrotic cells during acute tissue injury. Nat. Med., 18:1262-1270.

S. Sawa, M. Lochner, N. Satoh-Takayama, S. Dulauroy, M. Bérard, M. Kleinschek, D. Cua, J.P. Di Santo and G. Eberl. 2011. RORgt+ innate lymphoid cells regulate intestinal homeostasis by integrating negative signals from the symbiotic microbiota. Nat. Immunol., 12:320-326.

S. Sawa, M. Cherrier, M. Lochner, N. Satoh-Takayama, H.J. Fehling, F. Langa, J.P. Di Santo and G. Eberl. 2010. Lineage relationship analysis of RORγt+ innate lymphoid cells. Science, 330:665-669.

G. Eberl. 2010. A new vision of immunity: homeostasis of the superorganism. Mucosal Immunology, 3:450-460.

D. Bouskra, C. Brézillon, M. Bérard, C. Werts, R. Varona, I. Gomperts Boneca, and G. Eberl. 2008. Lymphoid tissue genesis induced by commensals through NOD1 regulates intestinal homeostasis. Nature, 456:507-510.

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