Harald Eberhard - Selected Publications#

1) Constitutional law, 11st edition 2016, facultas.wuv, 533 pages (together with Theo Öhlinger)

2) Non-territorial self-government. Constitutional parameters of autonomous administration. Research on state and law 168, Verlag Österreich Vienna 2014, XVIII, 508 pages

3) Contract under administrative law. A contribution to the doctrine of treatment forms. Research on state and law 146, Springer Vienna - New York 2005, XVII, 493 pages

4) The Rule of Law between the priorities of Community law and national law. Status and perspectives of a “European Rule of Law”, ZÖR 63 (2008), 49-116

5) Social fundamental rights in the view of the constitutional dogmatics of intervention, ZÖR 2012, 513-536

6) Art 1 DSG 2000 (Austrian Data Protection Act), in: Korinek/Holoubek/Bezemek/Fuchs/Martin/Zellenberg (eds), Commentary of the Austrian Constitutional law (12th delivery 2016) 119 pages

7) Nationals, foreigners, citizens – who is included?, in: Österreichische Juristenkommission/Müller (eds), ‘Democracy: Status and perspectives’, commemorative volume Machacek (2015) 26-40

8) Administrative doctrine and Union Law, in Griller/Kahl/Kneihs/Obwexer (eds), 20 years of Austrian EU membership (2015) 451-473

9) Fundamental rights: conflicts and collisions, in: Merten/Papier/Kucsko-Stadlmayer (eds), Handbook of fundamental rights in Germany and Europe, volume VII/1: Fundamental Rights in Austria, 2nd edition, (2014) 275-318

10) ReNEUAL Model Rules on EU Administrative Procedure – an Austrian Perspective, Die Verwaltung Vol. 50, No. 1, 2017, 23-49

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