Jacques Dumont - Selected publications#

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  • COULONVAL, K., VANDEPUT, F., STEIN, R.C., KOZMA, S.C., LAMY, F., DUMONT, J.E. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, protein kinase B and ribosomal S6 kinases in the stimulation of thyroid epithelial cell proliferation by cAMP and growth factors in the presence of insulin. Biochem. J. 348, 351-358, 2000.
  • PIRSON, I., FORTEMAISON, N., JACOBS, C., DREMIER, S., DUMONT, J.E., MAENHAUT, C. The visual display of regulatory information and networks. Trends in Cell Biology 10, 404-408, 2000.
  • CLEMENT, S., KRAUSE, U., DESMEDT, F., TANTI, J.-F., BEHRENDS, J., PESESSE, X., SASAKI, T., PENNINGER, J., DOHERTY, M., MALAISSE, W., DUMONT, J.E., LE MARCHAND-BRUSTEL, Y., ERNEUX, C., HUE, L., SCHURMANS, S. The lipid phosphatase SHIP2 controls insulin sensitivity. Nature 409, 92-97, 2001.
  • DUMONT, J.E., PECASSE, F., MAENHAUT, C. Crosstalk and specificity in signalling. Are we crosstalking ourselves into general confusion? Cellular Signalling 13, 457-463, 2001.
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