Mircea Dumitru - Selected Publications#

Metaphysics, Meaning, and Modality. Themes from Kit Fine, Mircea Dumitru (ed.), Oxford University Press, forthcoming, 2019.

Lumi ale gândirii. Nouă eseuri logico-metafizice (in Romanian) (Worlds of Thought. Nine Logico-metalysical Essays), "Polirom" Publishing House, forthcoming, 2019.

Umanismul necesar (in Romanian) (Necessary Humanism), "Polirom" Publishing House, forthcoming, 2020.

Modal Incompleteness and Higher-Order Logic, book manuscript in preparation, Springer.

Truth, Mircea Dumitru and Gabriel Sandu (eds.), University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2013.

Words, Theories, and Things. Quine in Perspective, Mircea Dumitru, Constantin Stoenescu (eds.), Pelican, 2010, in Romanian.

Logic and Philosophical Explorations, Bucharest: Humanitas, 2004, in Romanian.

Incompleteness and Modality. Modal Logic as Higher-Order Logic, Bucharest: Paideia, 2001, in Romanian (Mircea Florian Prize of the Romanian Academy).

‘Kit Fine’, entry/article in The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, Robert Audi (ed.), Third Edition, Cambridge University Press, 2015, p. 360.

‘Is Human Mind Fully Algorithmic? Remarks on Kurt Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorems’, in Evolving Computability. 11th Conference on Computability in Europe, Arnold Beckmann, Victor Mitrana, Mariya Soskova (eds.), Springer, 2015, pp. 23 – 33.

Many translations from English and German into Romanian, including ten books by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Thomas Nagel, W.V.O. Quine, Saul Kripke, Robert Nozick, W. Newton-Smith.

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