John Downey - Selected Publications#

Leguina, A and Downey, J (2021) Getting things done: Inequalities, Internet use and everyday life, New Media and Society, 23(7), pp.1824-1849, ISSN: 1461-4448. DOI: 10.1177/14614448211015979.

Leguina, A, Mihelj, S, Downey, J (2021) Public libraries as reserves of cultural and digital capital: addressing inequality through digitalization, Library and Information Science Research, 43(3), 101103, ISSN: 0740-8188. DOI: 10.1016/j.lisr.2021.101103.

Oh, D, Elayan, S, Sykora, M, Downey, J (2021) Unpacking uncivil society: incivility and intolerance in the 2018 Irish abortion referendum discussions on Twitter, Nordicom Review, 42(s1), pp.103-118, ISSN: 1403-1108. DOI: 10.2478/nor-2021-0009.

Downey, J (2020) Comparative communication research: why we really need some more fuzzy thinking, International Journal of Communication, 14, pp.5787-5798, ISSN: 1932-8036.

Smith, D, Deacon, D, Downey, J (2020) Inside out: The UK press, Brexit and strategic populist ventriloquism, European Journal of Communication, ISSN: 0267-3231. DOI: 10.1177/0267323120940917.

Mihelj, S., Leguina, A., & Downey, J. (2019). Culture is digital: Cultural participation, diversity and the digital divide. New Media & Society.

Keightley, E., & Downey, J. (2018). The intermediate time of news consumption. Journalism, 19(1), 93–110.

Downey, J. (2017) For Public Communication: Promises and Perils of Public Engagement, Javnost - The Public, 24:2, 173-185, DOI: 10.1080/13183222.2017.1288779

Downey, J., & Neyazi, T. A. (2014). Complementary and Competitive Logics of Mediatization: Political, Commercial, and Professional Logics in Indian Media. The International Journal of Press/Politics, 19(4), 476–495.

Downey, J., Titley, G., & Toynbee, J. (2014). Ideology critique: the challenge for media studies. Media, Culture & Society, 36(6), 878–887.

Downey, J. & Mihelj, S. eds (2012) Central and Eastern European Media in Comparative Perspective, Ashgate: Aldershot.

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