Peter Dolton - Selected Publications#

Dolton, P., Vignoles, A.
The incidence and effects of overeducation in the U.K. graduate labour market
(2000) Economics of Education Review, 19 (2), pp. 179-198. Cited 153 times.

Dolton, P., O'Neill, D.
Unemployment duration and the Restart effect: Some experimental evidence
(1996) Economic Journal, 106 (435), pp. 387-400. Cited 74 times.

Dolton, P.J.
The economics of UK teacher supply: the graduate's decision
(1990) Economic Journal, 100 (400), pp. 91-104. Cited 34 times.

Dolton, P.J., Makepeace, G.H., Treble, J.G.
The youth training scheme and the school-to-work transition
(1994) Oxford Economic Papers, 46 (4), pp. 629-657. Cited 32 times.

Dolton, P., Marcenaro, O.D., Navarro, L.
The effective use of student time: A stochastic frontier production function case study
(2003) Economics of Education Review, 22 (6), pp. 547-560. Cited 31 times.

Dolton, P., O'Neill, D.
The long-run effects of unemployment monitoring and work-search programs: Experimental evidence from the United Kingdom
(2003) Journal of Labor Economics, 20 (2), pp. 381-403. Cited 31 times.

Dolton, P.J., Makepeace, G.H., Van Der Klaauw, W.
Occupational choice and earnings determination: The role of sample selection and non-pecuniary factors
(1989) Oxford Economic Papers, 41 (1), pp. 573-594. Cited 31 times.

Dolton, P.J., Makepeace, G.H.
Interpreting sample selection effects
(1987) Economics Letters, 24 (4), pp. 373-379. Cited 30 times.

Dolton, P., Marcenaro-Gutierrez, O.D.
If you pay peanuts do you get monkeys? A cross-country analysis of teacher pay and pupil performance
(2011) Economic Policy, 26 (65), pp. 5-55. Cited 14 times.

Danzer, A.M., Dolton, P.J.
Total Reward and pensions in the UK in the public and private sectors
(2012) Labour Economics, 19 (4), pp. 584-594.

h-index: 15 (Web of Science), 14 (Scopus), 37 (Google Scholar)
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