Willem Doise - Biography#

Willem Doise was born in Flanders, Belgium, and received his doctorate (supervised by Otto Klineberg) in social psychology at the Sorbonne, Paris, in 1967. He was a researcher at the C.N.R.S. in Paris between 1967-1972 and has been Professor of experimental social psychology at the University of Geneva since 1972. He was president of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology from 1978 to 1981. He has been a visiting professor at the Universities of Brussels, Auckland, Tilburg, Bologna, Rome, Leuven, Belgrano, Otago, Liège, Savoie, Provence and Brasilia. His main research interests are in intergroup relations, social identity, socio-cognitive development, social representations, and explanations in social psychology. English, Italian and Portugese versions of his book “Droits de l’homme et force des idées” (2001), Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, are under preparation.
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