Marileen Dogterom - Selected Publications#

M. Preciado-Lopez, F. Huber, I. Grigoriev, M. Steinmetz, A. Akhmanova, G.Koenderink, and M. Dogterom, Actin-microtubule coordination at growing microtubule tips, Nature Communications 4, 4778 (2014).

L. Laan, N. Pavin, J. Husson, G. Romet-Lemonne, M. vanDuijn, M. Lopez, R. Vale, F. Julicher, S. L. Reck-Peterson & M. Dogterom; Cortical dynein controls microtubule dynamics to generate pulling forces that position microtubule asters. Cell 148, 502-514 (2012).

- C. Tischer, D. Brunner, and M. Dogterom; Force- and kinesin-8-dependent effects in the spatial regulation of fission yeast microtubule dynamics, Mol. Sys. Biol. 5, 250 (2009).

P. Bieling, L. Laan, H. Schek, E. Munteanu, L. Sandblad, M. Dogterom, D. Brunner & T. Surrey; Reconstitution of a microtubule plus-end tracking system in vitro. Nature 450, 1100-1105 (2007).

M. Footer, J.W.J. Kerssemakers, J. Theriot, and M. Dogterom; Direct measurement of force generation by actin filament polymerization using an optical trap, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 104, 2181-2186 (2007).

J. Kerssemakers, E. Munteanu, L. Laan, T. Noetzel, M. Janson & M. Dogterom; Assembly dynamics of microtubules at molecular resolution. Nature 442, 709-712 (2006).

M. Janson, M. E. de Dood & M. Dogterom; Dynamic instability of microtubules is regulated by force. J. Cell Biol. 161, 1029-1034 (2003).

G. Koster, M. van Duijn, and M. Dogterom; Membrane tubes formed by dynamic association of motor proteins, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 100, 15583-15588 (2003).

M. Dogterom & B. Yurke; Measurement of the force-velocity relation for growing microtubules. Science 278, 856-860 (1997).

M. Dogterom & S. Leibler; Physical aspects of the growth and regulation of microtubule structures. Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 1347 (1993).
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