Pierre Dixneuf - Biography#

P. H Dixneuf is Emeritus professor since 2008 but strongly involved in Research as well as in international cooperation for Research and Teaching. His research is supported by CNRS and University of Rennes within the Rennes Catalysis group.

He created a CNRS research center for Organometallics, Catalysis and Green Chemistry in Rennes.

His achievements are documented in 477 publications, including 7 books, 9 well cited reviews since 2010, and 8 patents. H= 70.

He supervised 64 PhD theses (Cosupervised since 2010).

He was Deputy Director of CNRS-Chemistry-Paris 96-99, Vice-president for Research at the University of Rennes for 4 years.

He has been very active for European cooperation in the field Organometallic Chemistry, sustainable Catalysis and Green Chemistry, as was involved in Erasmus 1988 and COST programmes. He successively coordinated 2 European Networks 1988-96 (3 and then 18 laboratories) and was later member of 2 additional Networks, Polycat and Idecat in 2000-10 and became a key member of the Rennes-Rostock CNRS-Leibniz Laboratory 2013-20.

He was several weeks visiting professor in 14 foreign universities, was invited to give catalysis master courses in New Zealand, China, India and Brasil.

He was appointed to evaluate international research centers in MPI-Mülheim Germany 6 years, 2 Chinese Academy of Sciences research centers (Beijing and Shanghai) and in 1 Chinese Univ (HUST).

He is/was member of the advisory board of 3 international conferences (ICOMC, OMCOS, ISCHA), and of the journals ACS Organometallics, 2 RSC Chem Comm. &NJC , Italy CS, Wiley, Green Chem RSC and Springer books Topics in OM Chem.

He has been Invited or Plenary lecturer at major International conferences 110 (1990-12) & 50 (2013-20) and gave more than 500 research lectures in Universities, mostly in Europe, Japan, USA, China and India, of wich 130 since 2013.

He received awards from the A. von Humboldt Foundation (to work 6 months in Berlin 1991), Italy, JSPS-Japan, French Academy of sciences, Ministry of Research, and from Chemical societies: Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China , France. He became a member of the Institut Universitaire de France in 2000 to contribute to research.

He was elected member of the Academy of Sciences in Portugal (2017) and India (NASI academy) (2020).

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