Giulio Di Toro - Selected Publications#

1. Di Toro, G., Han R., Hirose, T., De Paola, N., Nielsen, S., Mizoguchi, K., Ferri, F., Cocco, M., Shimamoto, T., 2011. Fault lubrication during earthquakes. Nature 471, 494-498.

2. Burlini, L., Di Toro, G., 2008. Volcanic Symphony in the lab. Science 322, 207-208.

3. Di Toro, G., Hirose, T., Nielsen, S., Pennacchioni, G., Shimamoto, T., 2006. Natural and experimental evidence of melt lubrication of faults during earthquakes. Science 311, 647-649.

4. Di Toro, G., Nielsen, S., Pennacchioni, G., 2005. Earthquake rupture dynamics frozen in exhumed ancient faults. Nature 436, 1009-1012.

5. Di Toro, G., Goldsby D.L., Tullis, T.E., 2004. Friction falls towards zero in quartz rock as slip velocity approaches seismic rates. Nature 427, 436-439.

Co-Editor of the two following Special Volumes and Monographs:

1. Di Toro, G., Ferri, F., Mitchell, T., Mittempergher, S., Pennacchioni, G, (Eds.) 2012, Physico-Chemical Processes in Seismic Faults. Journal of Structural Geology, 38, pp. 1-278.

2. Abercrombie, R., McGarr, A., Di Toro, G., Kanamori, H., (Eds.), 2006. Earthquakes: Radiated Energy and the Physics of Faulting, Geophysical Monograph Series Vol. 170 (American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C.), pp. 1-327. ISBN 978-0-87590-435-1


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Sum of the Times Cited: 1105
Sum of Times Cited without self-citations: 871
Citing Articles: 589
Citing Articles without self-citations: 547
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H-index: 18
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