André A. Dhondt - Selected Publications#

  • Dhondt, A. A. 2011. Interspecific Competition in Birds. Oxford University Press.
  • Matthysen, E. M., F. Adriaensen, and A. A. Dhondt. 2011. Multiple responses to increasing spring temperatures in the breeding cycle of blue and great. Global Change Biology 17:1-16.
  • Dhondt, A. A. 2010. Effects of competition on great and blue tit reproduction: intensity and importance in relation to habitat quality. J. Anim. Ecol. 79:257-265.
  • Hawley, D. M., K. V. Dhondt, A. P. Dobson, J. L. Grodio, W. M. Hochachka, D. H. Ley, E. E. Osnas, K. A. Schat, and A. A. Dhondt. 2010. Common garden experiment reveals pathogen isolate but no host genetic diversity effect on the dynamics of an emerging wildlife disease. J. Evol. Biol. 23:1680-1688.
  • Ruiz-Gutierrez, V., E. F. Zipkin, and A. A. Dhondt. 2010. Occupancy dynamics in a tropical bird community: unexpectedly high forest use by birds classified as non-forest species. J. Applied Ecol. 47:621-630.
  • Cooper, C., W. M. Hochachka, and A. A. Dhondt. 2007. Two contrasting natural experiments confirm interspecific competition between house finches on house sparrows. Ecology 88:864-870.
  • Boutin, S., L. A. Wauters, A. G. McAdam, M. M. Humphries G. Tossi, and A. A. Dhondt. 2006. Anticipatory reproduction and population growth in seed predators. Science 314:1928-1930.

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