Markus Denzel#

Short laudatio by Horst Pietschmann#

Markus A. Denzel is a German economic historian, who was born at Nuremberg on the 29th of April, 1967. He specializes in the economic history of Europe, in particular of finance and commerce, from the Middle Ages up to the modern period.

He holds an MA (Diploma) degree (1991), as well as a PhD (1994) from the Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg (Germany). During his undergraduate and graduate studies in 1987-92 he was involved in several research projects funded by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), headed by Prof, Dr. Jürgen Schneider, the then Chair of Economic History, University of Bamberg. From 1992 to 1994 he held a research scholarship from the Cusanuswerk.

Having finished his PhD thesis he became assistant lecturer at the University of Göttingen (1994-2000), where he finished his senior doctorate (Habilitatiansschrift) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karl Heinrich Kaufhold in 1997. He was appointed to a personal chair (außerplanm. Professor) in Economic and Social History at the University of Göttingen in 2000. Since then he has held visiting fellowships and professorships at various German universities, as well as a permanent visiting professorship at the Free University of Bolzano (Bozen, Italy). In 2002 he was appointed to the Chair of Social and Economic History at the University of Leipzig (Germany). From 2003 to 2005 he was Dean of Studies in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Oriental Studies (Fakultät für Geschichte, Kunst- und Orientwissenschaften) at the University of Leipzig. From 2005 to 2008 he was Dean of the Faculty.

His special interest is the economic and monetary history of Europe and the world, in particular the international system of cashless payments and transactions since the Middle Ages. He especially studied the mechanism of the bill of exchange and monetary transfers between the Papal Court and the financial centres of medieval Europe, as well as the role of the Upper German merchant financiers involved in these transactions.

In 1998 he was awarded the Heinz—Meier-Leibniz Prize.

He holds membership in the executive councils of several national and international academic organizations, such as the Numismatische Kommission der Länder in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Committee of Numismatists and Monetary Historians of the Federal Republic of Germany); Internationales Komitee für Historische Metrologie (International Committee for Historical Metrology (CIMH), secretary general since 1997), President of the Forschungsstiftung vergleichende europäische Überseegeschichte (Foundation for Research in Comparative History of European Overseas History); Member ofthe Comitato Scientifico (scientific council) of the Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica "F. Datini".

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