Nikolai Denkov - Publications#

The main science-metric indicators, according to Web of Science (4th, March 2018) are as follows:

H-factor = 45; 161 publications; cited > 7300 (without self-citations).

In these publications one could note 2 papers in Nature (ND is first author in both), 1 paper in Nature Communications, 5 papers in Phys. Rev. Lett. (ND is first author in 4 of them), 47 papers in Langmuir, 20 papers in J. Colloid Interface Sci., 5 papers in Adv. Colloid Interface Sci., 4 papers in Soft Matter - all highly respected interdisciplinary or specialized journals in the area of colloid and interface science. N. Denkov is co-author of 8 review-chapters in books, 12 invited reviews in journals, and co-inventor in 8 international patents.

From those publications one could list the following 10 major papers, ordered by research topics and year of publishing:#

Mechanisms of antifoam action (new mechanisms discovered with numerous practical applications):

(1) N.D. Denkov, K.G. Marinova, S.S. Tcholakova. Mechanistic Understanding of the Modes of Action of Foam Control Agents. Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 206 (2014) 57-67.

(2) N.D. Denkov, K.G. Marinova, Antifoam Effects of Solid Particles, Oil Drops and Oil-Solid Compounds in Aqueous Foams. Chapter 10 in "Colloidal Particles at Liquid Interfaces" (B.P. Binks & T.S. Horozov, Eds.), Cambridge University Press, UK, 2006; 383-444 (invited review).

(3) N. D. Denkov, Mechanisms of Foam Destruction by Oil-based Antifoams. Langmuir 20 (2004) 9463-9505 (feature article).

Foam rheology (role of surface viascoelasticity discovered and new theoretical model developed):

(4) N. D. Denkov, S. Tcholakova, R. Hoehler, S. Cohen-Addad, Foam Rheology. Chapter 6 in Foam Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications (P. Stevenson, Ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK, 2012 (invited review)

(5) N. D. Denkov et al., Viscous Friction in Foams and Concentrated Emulsions under Steady Shear. Phys. Rev. Lett. 100 (2008) 138301.

Two-dimensional colloid crystals (mechanism of formation discovered and factors for control clarified):

(7) P.A. Kralchevsky and N.D. Denkov, Capillary Forces and Structuring in Layers of Colloid Particles. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Sci. 6 (2001) 383-401 (invited review).

(6) N.D. Denkov et al., Two-Dimensional Crystallization. Nature 361 (1993) 26.

Self-shaping and self-emulsification of oil drops upon cooling (new phenomena discovered):

(8) S. Tcholakova, Z. Valkova, D. Cholakova, Z. Vinarov, I. Lesov, N. D. Denkov, K. Smoukov. Efficient Self-Emulsification via Cooling-Heating Cycles. Nature Comm., 8 (2017) 15012.

(9) D. Cholakova, N. Denkov, S. Tcholakova, I. Lesov, S. K. Smoukov. Control of Drop Shape Transformations in Cooled Emulsions. Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 235 (2016) 90–107.

(10) N. Denkov, S. Tcholakova, I. Lesov, D. Cholakova, S. K. Smoukov. Self-Shaping of Oil Droplets via the Formation of Intermediate Rotator Phases upon Cooling. Nature 528 (2015) 392–395.

General invited review in the area of colloid and interface science (two editions: 2002 and 2008):

P. A. Kralchevsky, K. D. Danov and N. D. Denkov, Chemical Physics of Colloid Systems and Interfaces. Chapter 7 in Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry (K. S. Birdi, Ed.). CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2008 (sections 7-9 are written by N. Denkov).

Noteworthy are also the large number (over 40) of international projects, funded by companies or research funds, led by N. Denkov as Principal Investigator (PI). From 2014 he is the representative of Sofia University in the bilateral council for the official strategic collaboration of the university with Unilever company.

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