Paul Demeny - Selected Publications#

Regional Model Life Tables and Stable Populations (with Ansley J. Coale). Princeton: Princeton Univerity Press, 1966.

Methods of Estimating Basic Demographic Measures from Incomplete Data (with Ansley J.Coale). New York: United Nations, 1967. (Manuals on methods of estimating population, IV). (Also published in French and Spanish).

“Long-term effects of global population growth on the international system.” In Proceedings of the Expert Group on Population, Resources, Environment and Development, Geneva, 1983. New York: United Nations, 1984, pp. 125–143.

“Policies seeking a reduction of high fertility: A case for the demand side.” Population and Development Review 18: 321–332, 1992. Also in Population Policies and Programmes, New York: United Nations, 1993, pp. 247–255; and [in German] in Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft 19: 365–375, 1993–4.

“Policy interventions in response to below-replacement fertility.” Population Bulletin of the United Nations, nos. 40–41: 183–193, 2000. (Also in French and Spanish.)

“Prospects for international migration: globalization and its discontents.” Journal of Population Research 19: 65–74, 2002.

Encyclopedia of Population, 2 vols. (with Geoffrey McNicoll), McMillan Reference, New York, 2003

“Population policy dilemmas in Europe at the dawn of the twenty-first century.” Population and Development Review 29: 1–28, 2003. Also [in German]] in Zeitschrift für Bevölkerungswissenschaft 28: 91–117, 2003; and [in Hungarian]] in Székfoglalók:

Társadalomtudományok /Inaugural Addresses: Social Sciences. Budapest: Magyar Tudományos Akadémia /Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2005, pp. 399–432

“The political demography of the world system, 2000–2050 (with Geoffrey McNicoll), Population and Development Review 32 Suppl.: 254–287, 2006.

“Europe’s immigration challenge in comparative perspective.” In Craig A. Parsons and Timothy M. Smeeding (eds.), Immigration and the Transformation of Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 30–42, 2006.

“Population policy and the demographic transition: Performance, prospects, and options.” Population and Development Review 37 Suppl.: 249–274, 2011.

“Geopolitical aspects of population in the twenty-first century.” Population and Development Review 38: 685–705, 2012.

"Sub-replacement fertility in national populations: Can it be raised?" Population Studies 69(1), S77-S85, 2015.

"Europe's two demographic crises: The visible and the unrecognized." Population and Development Review 42(1), 111-120. 2016.

A list of Selected Publication of Paul Demeny appears in Population and Public Policy: Essays in Honor of Paul Demeny, Geoffrey McNicoll, John Bongaarts, and Ethel P. Churchill (eds.) Population and Development Review, Supplement to Vol. 38, pp. 353-358, 2012.

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