Denis Delfitto - Selected Publications#

Reboul, A., D. Delfitto and G. Fiorin (2015), “The Semantic Properties of Free Indirect Discourse”, Annual Review of Linguistics, 2016.2

Delfitto, D. and G. Fiorin (2014). “Exclamatives: Issues of syntax, logical form and interpretation”. Lingua 152:1- 20

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Delfitto, D., and G. Fiorin (2011), “Person features and pronominal anaphora”. Linguistic Inquiry 42.2:193-224

Delfitto, D. (2005), “Adverb classes and adverb placement”. In M. Everaert and H. van Riemsdijk (eds.), Blackwell Companion to Syntax. Malden, Mass., Blackwell Publishing, vol. 1, 83-120

Delfitto, D., and S. Baauw (2005), “New views in reflexivity: Delay effects in acquisition, cross-modular principle B and reflexive clitics in Romance”. Probus 17.2:145-184

Delfitto, D. (2004), “On the logical form of imperfective aspect”. In J. Guéron and J. Lecarme (eds.), The syntax of Time. Cambridge, Mass., MIT Press, 115-142

Delfitto, D., and P.M. Bertinetto (2000), “Word order and quantification over times”. In J. Higginbotham, F. Pianesi, and A. Varzi (eds.), Speaking of Events. New York-Oxford, Oxford University Press, 207-243

Delfitto, D. (2000), “Adverbs and the syntax/semantics interface”. Italian Journal of Linguistics 12.1:13-53

Delfitto, D., and J. Schroten (1991), “Bare plurals and the number affix in DP”. Probus 3.2:155-185

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