Enny Das - Selected Publications#

1. Bálint, K.E., Das, E., Stel, G., & Hoppener, M. (2021). Can a funny story about tooth brushing decrease plaque scores in children? A longitudinal field experiment. Health Communication.

2. Klemm, C., Hartmann, T. & Das, E. (2019). Fear-mongering or fact-driven? Illuminating the interplay of objective risk and emotion-evoking form in the response to epidemic news. Health Communication, 34 (1), 74-83.

3. Valley, T.S., Scherer, A.M., Knaus, M., Zikmund-Fisher, B.J., Das, E. & Fagerlin, A. (2019). Prior vaccination and effectiveness of communication strategies used to describe infectious diseases. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 25 (4), 821-823.

4. Das, E., Nobbe, T., & Oliver, M.B. (2017). Moved to act: Examining the role of mixed affect and cognitive elaboration in “accidental” narrative persuasion. International Journal of Communication.

5. Klemm, C., Hartmann, T., & Das, E. (2017). Changed priorities ahead: Journalists’ shifting role perceptions when covering public health crises. Journalism, 20 (9), 1223-1241.

6. Oliver, M.B., Raney, A.A., Slater, M., Appel, M., Hartmann, T., Bartsch, A., Schneider, F.M., Janicke-Bowles, S.H., Krämer, N., Mares, M.L., Vorderer, P., Rieger, D., Dale, K.R., Das, E. (2018). Self-transcendent media experiences: Taking meaningful media to a higher level. Journal of Communication 68 (2), 380-389.

7. Fagerlin, A, Valley, T.S., Scherer, A.M., Knaus, M., Das, E.; Zikmund-Fisher, B.J. (2017). Communicating infectious disease prevalence through graphics: results from an international survey. Vaccine, 35 (32), 4041-4047.

8. De Vries, M., Claassen, L., Te Wierik, M., Das, E., Mennen, M., Timen, A., & Timmermans, D. (2021).The role of the media in the amplification of a contested health risk: Rubber granulate on sport fields. Risk Analysis, online first.
9. Reintjes, R., Das, E., Klemm, C., Richardus J.H., Keßler, V., & Ahmad A. (2016). “Pandemic Public Health Paradox": Time series analysis of the 2009/10 influenza A/H1N1 epidemiology, media attention, risk perception and public reactions in 5 European countries. PLOS ONE, 11 (3).

10. Van Lent, L.G.G., Sungur, H., Kunneman, F.A., Van De Velde, B., & Das, E. (2017). Too far to care? Measuring public attention and fear for Ebola using Twitter. Journal of medical Internet research 19 (6), e7219

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