Etienne Danchin - Selected Publications#

1- Leclaire, S., Merkling, T., Raynaud, C., Mulard, H., Bessière, J. M., Lhuillier, E., Hatch, S. A. & Danchin, É. 2011. Semiochemical compounds of preen secretion reflect genetic make-up in a seabird species. Proceeding of the Royal Society of London B, 279, 1185-1193.

2- Baude, M., Danchin, É. and Dajoz, I. 2011. Conspecifics as informers and competitors: an experimental study in foraging bumblebees. Proceeding of the Royal Society of London B, 278: 2806-2813.

3- Danchin, É., Charmantier, A. Champagne, F. A., Mesoudi, A., Pujol, B. and Blanchet, S. 2011. Beyond DNA: integrating inclusive inheritance into an extended theory of evolution. Nature Reviews Genetics 12: 475-486. This paper was commented 2 months later: Nature Reviews Genetics, doi:10.1038/nrg3036-c1

4- White, J. F., Mirleau, P., Danchin, É., Mulard, H., Hatch, S. A., Heeb, P. and Wagner, R. H. 2010. Sexually transmitted bacteria affect female cloacal assemblages in a wild bird. Ecology Letters, 12: 1515-1524.

5- Parejo, D., White, J. F., Clobert, J., Dreiss, A. N. and Danchin, É. 2007. Blue tits use fledging quantity and quality as public information in breeding habitat choice. Ecology, 88, 2373-2382.

6- Mery, F.*, Varela, S. A. M.*, Danchin, É.£, Blanchet, S., Parejo, D., Coolen, I. and Wagner, R. H. 2009. Public versus personal information for mate copying in an invertebrate. Current Biology, 19: 730-734. *: Co-first authors. £: Corresponding author.

7- Danchin, É., Girladeau, L.-A. and Cézilly, F. 2008. Behavioural Ecology. Oxford University Press. Multi-author textbook with 20 chapters. 874 pages.

8- White, J. F., Wagner, R. H., Helfenstein, F., Hatch, S. A., Mulard, H., Naves, L. C. and Danchin, E. 2008. Multiple deleterious effects of experimentally aged sperm in a monogamous bird. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 105: 13947–13952.

9- Danchin, É., Giraldeau, L. A., Valone, T. J. and Wagner, R. H. 2004. Public information: from nosy neighbors to cultural evolution. Science, 305: 487-491.

10- Doligez, B., Danchin, É. and Clobert, J. 2002. Public information and breeding habitat selection in a wild bird population. Science 297: 1168-1170.
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