Mary Daly - Selected Publications#

Sixties Ireland: Transforming Economy, Society and the State, 1957-73 (Cambridge University Press, 2016).

The Slow Failure. Population Decline and Independent Ireland, c. 1920-c.1970.( University of Wisconsin, 2006). CHOICE outstanding academic book award 2006.

Mary E. Daly and Margaret O’Callaghan (eds), 1916 in 1966: Commemorating the Easter Rising (Dublin: Royal Irish Academy 2007).

Industrial development and Irish national identity, 1922-39 (Syracuse University Press 1992).

Dublin: the Deposed Capital. A Social and Economic History, 1860-1914 (Cork, 1984).** Reprinted 1985 and 2011

‘Irish nationality and citizenship since 1922’, Irish Historical Studies, vol xxxii, 2001, pp. 377-47.

‘The Irish Free State/Eire/Republic of Ireland/Ireland: “A Country by any other name”?’ Journal of British Studies, 46 no 1 (2007), pp 72-90.41 The primary and natural educator”? The role of parents in the education of their children in independent Ireland, in Eire-Ireland, 44(2009), pp. 194-218.

"'An atmosphere of sturdy independence': The state and the Dublin hospitals in the 1930s". in Elizabeth Malcolm and Greta Jones (eds), Medicine, Disease and the State in Ireland, 1640-1940, (Cork: Cork University Press, 1999), pp 234-52.

"'Fanaticism and excess' or 'the defence of just causes', the International Labour Organisation and women's protective legislation in the inter-war years", in Mary O'Dowd and Sabine Wichert (eds), Chattel, Servant or Citizen. Women's Status in Church, State and Society, Historical Studies, xix, ( Belfast, 1995), pp 215-27.

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