Mary Dalrymple - Selected Publications#


In press Lexical Functional Grammar (co-authors John Lowe and Louise Mycock), Oxford: Oxford University Press
2012 Dusner (co-author Suriel Mofu) Languages of the World/Materials, Lincom Europa, Munich
2011 Objects and Information Structure (co author Irina Nikolaeva) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
2001 Lexical Functional Grammar, New York & London: Academic Press
1993 The Syntax of Anaphoric Binding, Stanford, CA: CSLI


2018 Integrating LFG’s binding theory with PCDRT. (co-authors Dag Haug and John Lowe) Journal of Language Modeling 6(1), 87-129.

2017 Nominal, pronominal and verbal number in Balinese (co-author Wayan Arka) Linguistic Typology 21: 261-331

2015 Economy of Expression as a principle of syntax. (Mary Dalrymple, Ronald M. Kaplan and Tracy Holloway King) Journal of Language Modeling 3(2), 377-412.

2015 Obligatory nonlocal binding: An exclusively long distance anaphor in Yag Dii. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 33(4), 1089-1120.

2013 Constructions with lexical integrity (co-authors Ash Asudeh, Ida Toivonen) Journal of Language Modelling 1: 77-130

2012 Plural semantics, reduplication, and numeral modification in Indonesian (coauthor S Mofu) Journal of Semantics 29:229-60

2009 Indeterminacy by underspecification (co-authors Tracy Holloway King, Louisa Sadler) Journal of Linguistics 45, 31-68

2006 Syntax of natural and accidental coordination: Evidence from agreement (co-author I Nikolaeva) Language 82: 824-849

2000 Feature indeterminacy and feature resolution (co-author Ronald Kaplan) Language 76: 759-768

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