Nevena Dakovic - Selected Publications#

1. N. Dakovic, Lj. Rogac Mijatovic, Mirjana Nikolic. 2015. "From Dissonance to resilience: the heritage of Belgrade‚s Staro sajmiste", in Auclaire, E. And G. Fairclough (eds.) Theory and Practice in Heritage and Sustainability: between past and future. London: Routledge, pp 190-203. ISBN 978-1-138-77890-0

2. Dakovic, Nevena. 2015. "(Im)possible Witness: The Revelation of the Himmelcommando" in Nevena Dakovic (ed.)Representation of the Holocaust in the Balkans in Arts and Media. Belgrade: Discourse, pp. 1- 8. ISBN 978-86-82101-54-3

3. Daković, Nevena. 2014 . Studije filma: ogledi o filmskim tekstovima sećanja/Film Studies: Essays on Film Texts of Memory. FDU: Beograd. ISBN 978-86-82101-51-2.

4. Daković, Nevena and Ivana Uspenski. 2014. “The Memory of the Holocaust and the New Hyper/Cyber- Textuality” in Cornis Pope, Marcel (ed.) Crossing Borders, Crossing Genres: New Literary Hybrids in the Age of Multimedia Expression. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins publishing Company, pp. 364-385.

5. N. Dakovic, A. Milovanovic. 2015. "The socialist Family Sitcom" in Bonker, K. Obreist J and S, Grump (eds) Television Behind Iron Curtain. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

6. Daković Nevena. 2014. “National Melodrama: Melodrama, Revolution, Nation » in Nasta D., Audrin M., volume Le Mélodrame filmique revisité. Bruxelles: Peter Lang, pp.265-277. ISBN 9-782875-742363.

7. Daković, Nevena. 2011. “Serbian Darkness: History according to Dusan Kovacevic” in New Imagined Communities: identity making in Eastern and South-eastern Europe. Bratislava: SAV, pp. 134-147, ISBN 978-80-8101-401-7.

8. Daković, Nevena. 2011. “Imagining Belgrade: The Cultural/Cinematic Identity of a City on European Fringes” in Katia Pizzi, Godela Weiss-Sussex (eds), The Cultural Identities of European Cities Oxford: Piter Lang, pp. 61-77, ISSN 978 303911 930 1.

9. Dakovic, Nevena. 2008. Balkan kao filmski zanr: slika, tekst, nacija/Balkan as Film Genre: Image, Text, Nation. Belgrade: FDU. ISBN 978-86-82101-35-2

10. Daković, Nevena. 2014. ”Invisible and Visible Theory: Dusan Makavejev.”, Studies in Eastern European Cinema, March, ISSN 2040350X

11. Daković, Nevena (ed). 2019. "Film and /Screen/Media Studies: Serbia 3.0". ISBN 978-86-7227-106-5

12. Daković, Nevena and Vera Mevorah (eds.) 2018. Graničnici sećanja: jevrejsko nasleđe i Holokaust. ISBN 978-86-88113-137

13. Daković, Nevena. 2018. The Serbian mythomoteur as sacrificial narrative, De Gruyter, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 140 - 145, doi: 10.1515/fns-2018-0012.

14. Daković, Nevena, Mikolaj Kunicki, Dominic Leppala. 2018. “Opposition and Filmmaking in Communist East Central Europe: Lessons from Poland and the Former Yugoslavia” in THE HANDBOOK OF COURAGE: CULTURAL OPPOSITION AND ITS HERITAGE IN EASTERN EUROPE, Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, pp. 267 - 289, isbn: 978-963-416-142-4, 2018.

She is ranked in the highest category-A1 researcher at the Serbian Ministry of Education and Science.

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