Cristina D'Ancona - Selected Publications#

2001: Commenting on Aristotle. From Late Antiquity to the Arab Aristotelianism. In: Der Kommentar in Antike und Mittelalter. Beiträge zu seiner Erforschung. Ed. by W. Geerlings, C. Schulze. Brill, Boston-Leiden-Köln 2001, p. 200-251.

2005: Greek into Arabic: Neoplatonism in Translation. In: The Cambridge Companion to Arabic Philosophy. Ed. by P. Adamson and R.C. Taylor. Cambridge U.P., Cambridge 2005, p. 10-31.

2005: Les Sentences de Porphyre entre les Ennéades de Plotin et les Eléments de Théologie de Proclus, in Porphyre. Sentences sur les intelligibles, Vrin, Paris 2005, p. 139-274.

2008: Aristotle and Aristotelianism, in Encyclopaedia of Islam Three, Brill, Leiden-Boston, p. 153-69.

2008: Degrees of Abstraction in Avicenna. How to combine Aristotle’s De Anima and the Enneads, in Theories of Perception in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy, ed. S. Knuuttila and P. Karkaineen, Springer Science + Business Media B.V., p. 47-71.

2009: Modèles de causalité chez Plotin, «Les Etudes Philosophiques» 87, p. 361-385.

2009: Greek Sources in Arabic and Islamic Philosophy, in The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, February 2009 (media contribution).

2010: The Origins of Arabic Philosophy, in L. P. Gerson (ed.) The Cambridge History of Philosophy in Late Antiquity, Cambridge U.P., Cambridge 2010, II, p. 869-93.

2011: La Teologia neoplatonica di „Aristotele“ e gli inizi della filosofia arabo-musulmana, in: R. Goulet – U. Rudolph, Entre Orient et Occident. La philosophie et la science gréco-romaines dans le monde arabe, 57e Entretiens sur l‘Antiquité Classique, Fondation Hardt, Vandoeuvres – Genève 2011, p. 135-190.

2016: Emanation, in Encyclopaedia of Islam Three, Brill, Leiden-Boston, p. 81-90.

2011-2015: Editor in chief of the journal (on line and in print): "Studia graeco-arabica" (ISSN 2281-2687, E-ISSN 2239-012X).

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