Vincent Crawford - Selected Publications#

  • (with Joel Sobel) "Strategic Information Transmission," Econometrica 50 (November 1982), 1431-1451.
  • (with Alexander S. Kelso, Jr.) "Job Matching, Coalition Formation, and Gross Substitutes," Econometrica 50 (November 1982), 1483-1504.
  • "Adaptive Dynamics in Coordination Games," Econometrica 63 (January 1995), 103-143.
  • "Theory and Experiment in the Analysis of Strategic Interaction," in D. Kreps and K. Wallis (eds.), Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Seventh World Congress, Vol. I, Cambridge University Press, 1997, 206-242. [Reprinted in C. Camerer, G. Loewenstein, and M. Rabin (eds.), Advances in Behavioral Economics, Princeton University Press, 2003.]
  • (with Miguel Costa-Gomes and Bruno Broseta) "Cognition and Behavior in Normal-Form Games: An Experimental Study," Econometrica 69 (September 2001), 1193-1235. [Reprinted in E. Carbone and C. Starmer (eds.): New Developments in Experimental Economics, Edward Elgar, 2007.]
  • "Lying for Strategic Advantage: Rational and Boundedly Rational Misrepresentation of Intentions," American Economic Review 93 (March 2003), 133-149.
  • (with Miguel Costa-Gomes) "Cognition and Behavior in Two-Person Guessing Games: An Experimental Study," American Economic Review 96 (December 2006), 1737-1768.
  • (with Nagore Iriberri) "Level-k Auctions: Can a Nonequilibrium Model of Strategic Thinking Explain the Winner's Curse and Overbidding in Private-Value Auctions?," Econometrica 75 (November 2007), 1721–1770.
  • (with Nagore Iriberri) "Fatal Attraction: Salience, Naivete, and Sophistication in Experimental Hide-and-Seek Games," American Economic Review 97 (December 2007), 1731-1750.
  • (with Juanjuan Meng) "New York City Cabdrivers' Labor Supply Revisited: Reference-Dependent Preferences with Rational-Expectations Targets for Hours and Income," American Economic Review 101 (August 2011), 1912–1932.
  • (with Miguel Costa-Gomes and Nagore Iriberri) "Structural Models of Nonequilibrium Strategic Thinking: Theory, Evidence, and Applications," Journal of Economic Literature 51 (March 2013), 5-62.
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