Timothy Cox - Selected Publications#

Hirsch, h-index=68 (23 April 2020)

1. Cox TM, Peters TJ. (1978) Uptake of iron by duodenal biopsy specimens from patients with iron deficiency and primary haemochromatosis. Lancet 1: 123-124. [99 citations]

2. Cross NCP, Tolan DR, Cox TM. (1988) Catalytic deficiency of human aldolase B in hereditary fructose intolerance caused by a common missense mutation. Cell 53: 881-885. [86 citations]]\
3. Hayman AR, Cox TM. (1994). Purple acid phosphatase of the human macrophage and osteoclast. Characterization, molecular properties and crystallization of the recombinant di-iron oxo-protein secreted by baculovirus infected insect cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry 269: 1294-1300.[174 citations]

4. Hayman AR, Jones SJ, Boyde A, Foster D, Colledge WH, Carlton MB, Evans MJ, Cox TM. (1996) Mice lacking tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (Acp 5) have disrupted endochondral ossification and mild osteopetrosis. Development 122: 3151-3162. [369 citations]

5. Mistry PK, Wraight EP, Cox TM. (1996) Therapeutic delivery of proteins to macrophages: implications for treatment of Gaucher’s disease. Lancet 348: 1555-1559. [105 citations]

6. Cox T, Lachmann R, Hollak C, Aerts J, van Weely S, Hrebicek M, Platt F, Butters T, Dwek R, Moyses C, Gow I, Elstein D, Zimran A. (2000) A Novel Oral Treatment of Gaucher’s Disease with N-butyldeoxynojirimycin (OGT 918) to decrease Substrate Biosynthesis. Lancet 355:1481-1485. [825 citations]

7. Cox TM, Drelichman G, Cravo R, Balwani M, Burrow TA, Martins AM, Lukina E, Rosenbloom B, Ross L, Angell J, Puga AC. (2015). Efficacy and Safety of Eliglustat Compared with Imiglucerase in Gaucher Disease Type 1 Stabilised on Enzyme Therapy. Lancet 385 (9985): 2355-2362. [122 citations]

8. Cachón-González MB, Wang SZ, Lynch A, Ziegler R, Cheng SH, Cox TM. (2006). Effective gene therapy in an authentic model of Tay-Sachs related diseases. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 103: 10373-10378. [128 citations]

9. Pavlova EV, Shatunov A,Wartosch L, Moskvina AI, Nikolaeva LE, Bright NA, Tylee KL, Church HJ, Ballabio A, Luzio JP, Cox TM. (2019). The lysosomal disease caused by mutant VPS33A. Human Molecular Genetics 28: 2514–2530. [3 citations]

10. Book: The Oxford Textbook of Medicine, Sixth Edition, 2020; four volumes, pp.7782, edited with J Firth & C Conlon. Oxford University Press. (ISBN9780198746690). Fourth, 2003 and fifth editions, 2010, edited with DA Warrell & JD Firth. [507 citations, 4th edition]

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