Patrick Couvreur - Selected Publications#

1. Horcajada P, Chalati T, Serre C, Gillet B, Sebrie C, Baati T, Eubank JF, Heurtaux D, Clayette P, Kreuz C, Chang J-S, Hwang Y, Marsaud V, Bories P, Cynober L, Gil S, Férey G, Couvreur P, Gref R.
“Porous metal-organic-framework nanoscale carriers as a potential platform for drug delivery and imaging”.
Nature Materials. 9, 172-178 (2010) (IF: 29.9)

2. Harrisson S, Nicolas J, Maksimenko A, Trung Bui D, Mougin J, Couvreur P

“Nanoparticles with In Vivo Anticancer Activity from Polymer Prodrug Amphiphiles Prepared by Living Radical Polymerization »
Angewandte Chemie Int. Edition, 52, 1678-82 (2013) (IF: 13.5)

3. S. Mura, J. Nicolas, P. Couvreur
“Stimuli-responsive nanocarriers for drug delivery”
Nature Materials, 12, 991-1003 (2013) (IF: 35.75)

4. Maksimenko A, Dosio F, Mougin J, Ferrero A, Wack S, Harivardhan Reddy L,
Weyn A A, Lepeltier E, Bourgaux C, Stella B, Cattel L, Couvreur P
« Squalenoylated Doxorubicin: a New Long Circulating and Non Pegylated Anticancer Nanomedicine »
Proceed. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, E217–E226 (2014) (IF: 9.73)

5. Gaudin A, Yemisci M, Eroglu H, Lepêtre-Mouelhi S, Turkoglu OF, Dönmez-Demir B, Caban S, Sargon MF, Garcia-Argote S, Pieters G, Loreau O, Rousseau B,Tagit O, Hildebrandt N, Le Dantec Y, Mougin J, Valetti S, Chacun H, Nicolas V, Desmaële D, Andrieux K, Capan Y, Dalkara T, Couvreur P
“Squalenoyl Adenosine Nanoparticles provide Neuroprotection after Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury”
Nature Nanotechnology, 9, 1054-1063 (2014) (IF: 33.26)

6. Kotelevets L, Chastre E, Caron J, Mougin J, Bastian G, Pineau A, Walker F, Lehy T, Desmaële D, Couvreur P
« A SqualeneBased Nanomedicine for Oral Treatment of Colon Cancer »
Cancer Research, 77, 2964-2975 (2017) (IF: 9.12)

7. Simon-Yarza T, Gimenez-Marques M, Mrimi R, Mielcarek A, Gref R, Horcajada P, Serre C, Couvreur P
« Smart metal-organic-framework nanomaterial for lung targeting »
Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 56, 15565-15569 (2017) (IF :12.1)

8. Sobot D, Mura S, Yesylevskyy SO, Dalbin L, Cayre F, Bort G, Mougin J, Desmaële D, LepetreMouelhi S, Pieters G, Andreiuk B, Klymchenko AS, Paul JL, Ramseyer C, Couvreur P
«Conjugation of squalene to gemcitabine as unique approach exploiting endogenous lipoproteins for drug delivery»
Nature Communications, 8, 15678 (2017) (IF: 12.3)

9. Feng J, Lepetre-Mouelhi S, Gautier A, Mura S, Cailleau C, Coudore F, Hamon M, Couvreur P
“A new painkiller nanomedicine to bypass the blood-brain barrier and the use of morphine”
Science Advances, 5: eaau5148 (2019) (IF: 12.8)

10. Dormont F, Brusini R, Cailleau C, Reynaud F, Peramo A, Gendron A, Mougin J, Gaudin F, Varna M, Couvreur P
«Squalene-based multidrug nanoparticles for improved mitigation of uncontrolled inflammation»
Science Advances, 6, 23, eaaz5466 (2020) (IF: 12.8)

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