Georges Courtès - Selected publications#

  • G. COURTES, La turbulence dans l’espace interstellaire en émission, C.R. Ac. Sc. L 237, p. 378-380. (1953)
  • G. COURTES, Interferometric Studies of Emission-Nebulosities, Astron. Journal vol. 69, n° 5, 325-332. (1964)
  • G. COURTES, Ultraviolet Spectrum of the Sky Background at different galactic Latitudes, Astron. Astrophys.116, 312-322 (1982)
  • G. ADAM, R BACON, G. COURTES, Y. GEORGELIN, G. MONNET, E. PECONTAL, Observation of the Einstein Cross with the Integral Field Spectograph TIGER, Astron. Astrophys. Letters 208 L. 15 L10 (1989)
  • G. COURTES, M. VITON, S. BOWYER, M. LAMPTON, T.P. SASSEEN, X.Y. WU, FAUST Far ultraviolet Observations of the Shapley’s Wing in the SMC-LMC Bridge, Astron. Astrophys.297-338-344 (1995)

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