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One of the research topics in which Jordi Cortadella invested significant effort during many years is on Asynchronous Circuits and Elastic Circuits. Here are two lectures that were presented at the Collège de France, invited by Prof. Gérard Berry:

Few relevant publications in the research trajectory of Jordi Cortadella are next listed.

  • Jordi Cortadella and José M. Llabería. Evaluation of A+B=K conditions without carry propagation. IEEE Transactions on Computers, 41(11):1484-1488, November 1992. This paper proposes a novel scheme for the arithmetic comparison A+B=K. The paper had a relevant impact not only in academia but also in industry. Some of the industrial citations came from Toshiba (1995), NEC (1995), Bell Labs (1996), IBM (1998), Sun Microsystems (1998), Texas Instruments (1998), AMD (1999), Integration Berkeley (1999) and ARM (2005). The proposed circuit and variations of it were used in some industrial designs: the floating-point multiplier of the AMD-K7 microprocessor (AMD,1999), the sum-addressed-memory (SAM) cache of a superscalar processor implementing the Sparc V9 64b architecture (Sun Microsystems, 1998), the conditional-branch resolution of the PowerPC (IBM, 1998), the NEON Floating Point (an SIMD architecture designed to accelerate 3D graphics, ARM 2005), the multiply-adder of a 32-bit RISC machine for signal processing (NEC, 1995) and the compare unit of the guTS (an experimental core based on the PowerPC, IBM 1998).
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