Jean-Michel Coron - Selected Publications#

[1] Abbas Bahri and Jean-Michel Coron. On a nonlinear elliptic equation involving the critical Sobolev exponent: the effect of the topology of the domain. Comm. Pure Appl. Math., 41, 253–294, 1988.

[2] Haim Brezis, Jean-Michel Coron, and Elliott H. Lieb. Harmonic maps with defects. Comm. Math. Phys., 107(4):649–705, 1986.

[3] Jean-Michel Coron. Topologie et cas limite des injections de Sobolev. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris S ́er. I Math., 299(7):209–212, 1984.

[4] Jean-Michel Coron. Global asymptotic stabilization for controllable systems without drift. Math. Control Signals Systems, 5(3):295–312, 1992.

[5] Jean-Michel Coron. On the controllability of the 2-D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations with the Navier slip boundary conditions. ESAIM Contrˆole Optim. Calc. Var., 1:35–75, 1995/96.

[6] Jean-Michel Coron. On the controllability of 2-D incompressible perfect fluids. J. Math. Pures Appl. (9), 75(2):155–188, 1996.

[7] Jean-Michel Coron. Local controllability of a 1-D tank containing a fluid modeled by the shallow water equations. volume 8, pages 513–554. 2002. A tribute to J. L. Lions.

[8] Jean-Michel Coron, Georges Bastin, and Brigitte d’Andréa-Novel. Dissipative boundary conditions for one-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic systems. SIAM J. Control Optim., 47(3):1460–1498, 2008.

[9] Jean-Michel Coron, Frédéric Marbach, and Franck Sueur. Small-time global exact controllability of the Navier-Stokes equation with Navier slip-with-friction boundary conditions. J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS), 22(5):1625–1673, 2020.

[10] Jean-Michel Coron, Rafael Vazquez, Miroslav Krstic, and Georges Bastin. Local ex- ponential H2 stabilization of a 2×2 quasilinear hyperbolic system using backstepping. SIAM J. Control Optim., 51(3):2005–2035, 2013.

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